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PepsiCo Incorporation-Mountain Dew

PepsiCo is a multinational company in the United States, New York that was formed through the merger of the Pepsi-cola company and the Frito-lay incorporation. It deals with manufacture, marketing, and distribution of the soft drinks among other products. It is the second world’s largest producer of the non-alcoholic beverages and offers a broad range of non-alcoholic beverages among which is Mountain Dew, Mirinda, Pepsi and the Tropicana. Concerning mountain dew that makes about 80% of the American soft drinks market, it is a carbonated and non-alcoholic drink with a high amount of sugar developed and established to the American market in 1964 currently differentiates into diet mountain dew, citrus, and red mountain dew.( PepsiCo,2007).

Mountain dew marketing mix

The marketing mix involves the four P’s namely, product, price, promotion, and place that play a significant role in the commercialization of the mountain dew. The marketing mix enables PepsiCo to cope with the major competitors like coca-cola company. Concerning the product, mountain dew is made from the modern innovation and differentiated into various flavors to meet the customer’s needs depending on their taste and preferences hence the varieties enable the customer to make a choice. The packaging and slogan on the mountain dew bottle aimed at attracting the clients and bottled in different sizes. Pepsico adopts the competitive pricing strategy, which suits the current market just like competitors like coca cola. It bases its pricing strategy on the locality, takes the market prices of other soft drinks, and sometimes adopts a relatively lower price to maintain its market share.

The company engages into various promotion strategies to increase the awareness and sales volume of the mountain dew, which includes, social events like the road shows to get feedback from consumers on the product and advertisements in social media and television formulated to attract the adventures, and sports personnel. The company adopts the intensive distribution of the mountain dew brand by engaging in wholesaling and retailing as well as direct to the customers to make the brand available to all customers within all geographical areas. (West,& Ford,2015).

Socially responsible issues related to the marketing of the mountain dew.

The primary social responsibility that comes with the marketing of the mountain dew is the provision of the quality and wide varieties of drinks to the customer especially the sport and adventure personnel. Due to the higher amounts of sugar and caffeine in the drink that provides sports personnel with required energy at affordable price shows that the company cares about its customers. Also, PepsiCo understands the needs of the users and provides what the customers need as well as maintaining its actual value in their marketing.


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