I would vote for Truth BBQ as one of my favorite restaurants of all time.

I would vote for Truth BBQ as one of my favorite restaurants of all time. Being a food lover, I have been to many eateries all over Houston, but I must say that Truth stands out for several reasons. The first and most apparent is the delectable cuisine that leaves diners eager to go back. I have sampled food from many places, and my favorite dish remains the grilled chicken with a side of corn pudding. The meat was well done; tender without being overcooked. The spices left my mouth slightly tingly and yearning for more. The portions are quite filling which has been a concern with many restaurants I have been to sometimes the food is delicious but leaves me hungrier than before, but this was not the case at Truth BBQ. For the dessert, I would go with a giant slice of cheesecake and maybe a little ice-cream. By the end of the meal, I was so full, but the cakes were too delicious to resist. I sat and relaxed for a while before making an order for a fruit drink. After the sumptuous meal I had just cleared, I needed some time before I could go on back home. I would describe the interior of the place as rustic and charming. The floors were bare and brown, but the white tablecloths and flower centerpieces added warmth. The chairs were soft and cushy, and I was grateful to sink into one after my exhausting day.

The second reason is its quiet ambiance and friendly staff. Immediately I walked in; I was ushered to my table by a friendly and communicative waitress. She seemed genuinely happy which immediately put me at ease. I asked if I could sit outside and she was delighted to take me to a vacant chair. I was somewhat taken aback by the tranquil garden outside; I had expected a few potted plants, but it was clear that they had employed the meticulous skills of a landscaper. The relatively small space morphed into an Eden of sorts with flowers of all colors in full bloom. The grass was a deep green and the paths made from decorative rocks that blended in with nature. After taking a minute to discuss the beautiful scene, my waitress whose name was Eva took my order. At first, I had no idea what I wanted, and she was ready to discuss my options with me.

The third reason is that it is in a secluded place with the availability of patios from which I could sit and look out at the lovely garden. There was ample space for parking. The main seating area was already filled with patrons although it was hardly time for dinner when I would expect the place to be packed. They also had a separate area for takeouts, and I was pleasantly surprised to see a short queue of people. Clearly, I was not alone in discovering this gem.

Truth BBQ is one of the best restaurants in the city. All their food was fresh and organic, something which is always a plus for me. I also really liked the friendly staff and made a point to tip them just for making my evening so comfortable and memorable. The service is the most essential qualities of any place, and Truth gave a hundred and ten percent. The garden was also a rare and welcome addition. To top up the already excellent experience is the scrumptious food that I cannot compare to any I have had before.