I Have A Dream

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I Have A Dream

The speech of Martin Luther king junior I have a dream is one of the most renowned of his speeches. It talks of how violence is not the answer to injustice towards black people as they were mistreated and not valued in American society. It is a very moving speech as King tries to tell people that one day he has a dream that what he has always been fighting for will come to pass, that justice and peace will be possible and that everything that the blacks need will be available for them. Martin Luther king junior remains an essential personality in American history as a man who stood for the black people and was very religious. His work in the liberation of black Americans from discrimination was based on peaceful means and demonstrations in the fight for human rights and blacks. Therefore his peaceful means made sure that there was no violence.

He states that the emancipation proclamation came as “a great beacon light of hope” to the black Americans (King, 17). However, this was not true as the black Americans who were former slaves anticipated because what they thought would happen never happened. Therefore they were not accessible as they expected. Even with the decree, there was a need for the white supremacists to be dealt with. This explains the systemic racism in the American society whereby a person does not have to say it loudly that they are racists, but the small acts talk of how racists a community it is.

King tries to avoid violence towards the white people as he led the black Americans towards a change in how blacks were treated. This violence could have come during the demonstrations in the form of looting or destruction of property. Therefore, Martin Luther urged his fellow black Americans that were not the way to do with their challenges. This was because, guided by Christianity and its morals, and he firmly believed Christians should behave in better ways than just repaying evil for evil. Therefore instead of repaying evil by evil, he led his brothers and sisters who were black towards finding justice by demanding to be given their constitutional rights, which were not never given to them or even if given it was partially and only for the sake of the constitution (King, 17).

Non-violence, according to Martin Luther King junior, is a very effective way of bringing the society together and making sure they see the intentions of the black people are very clean. This is because if black people resorted to violence, then it would have meant that their course and desire to be heard were not just a way of establishing justice but also letting anger out of control and even benefitting from the white people. martin Luther king junior as well wanted to make the whites believe that black people could have emotional intelligence and could seek what they need appropriately, a virtue which the whites never thought existed among the black people as they only saw them as robbers and evil people who were not capable of doing anything productive and good (King, 16)

King uses theology and a lot of biblical bases to give this speech. This means that he firmly believes that God is the giver of power, and even though those in power might not consider the blacks with the different appeals, they were going to be able to hear the black people out and act accordingly.

In conclusion, I agree with the use of non-violence of Martin Luther king junior as it is the only way he gets his very high dignity in American society. He also leads the nation into a peaceful discussion of how to make sure that racism is brought to an end and in a gentle manner whereby there won’t be a need to shed the blood of any person.

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