The policy that I would design for public health and health services would concise and according to the standards of practice. The policy shall define the purpose of the healthcare organization and shall describe individual roles, authorities and jobs that the staff shall have to follow. Quality improvement methods shall be the norm of the organization and any improvement methods that require financial support shall be analyzed in a separate way. Patient safety, ethical issues, boundaries of physician-patient relationship and ethical principles in healthcare provision shall all be put in the code of conduct.

The major impediments in healthcare are price control, quality analyzing, patient medical history confidentiality, medical practice management and standards keeping. The solution to price control is that cheap solutions for certain type of healthcare operations should be formulated In order to facilitate both the organizations and the patients. Quality analysis is only useful if it is done in the right way. To analyze quality of health, organizations must develop effective analysis strategies and implement them in such a way that it not only produces results but also surfaces some key drawbacks and their possible solutions.