HP 400 – Physiology of Exercise

HP 400 – Physiology of Exercise

Research Paper

Due Date: 4/19/21

This paper must be 7-10 pages in length and include at least 5 professional sources. These sources cannot be web sites, web pages, or blogs. They must be peer reviewed journals or textbooks. A reference page must be included and this page is not included in the 7-10 page length of the paper. You are required to use 12-point font, 1-inch margins, and 1.5-line spacing when typing this paper. In addition, a copy must be submitted to a Turn-It-In link on Moodle on or before the due date. The rules of plagiarism will be strictly enforced! This means that you must take the information that you acquire from the article and put it into your own words and site that article. Do not use quotes from the original article even if you site it. You must insert citations within your article that match up with your reference page. If plagiarism is found to occur and you intended it to happen, you will receive a zero for this paper. I do not care what citation method that you use for this paper but it must be a popular and accepted method (APA, Numbered, MLA). There are many websites that teach citation methods, I suggest that you review these or some other source to help you with your citations (Purdue Owl is a good one). Also, I would suggest you use section headings to organize your paper. This paper will be graded on content, organization, citations, writing, and grammatical errors. The paper by itself is worth 15% of your final grade. In addition, be sure to follow the tips listed below and review the Research Paper Rubric, posted on Moodle. This will be how I grade your paper.

The topic of this paper is up to you but, it must relate to something that we have covered in class. Or it can deal with any aspect of Exercise Physiology. You must have your topic approved by me prior to submitting your paper. If you need any help in writing the paper, please let me know.

Some Tips that Might Help

– Read the grading rubric posted on Moodle – This will tell you what I am looking for in a good paper.

– Use section headings to organize your paper.

– The first section heading should be Introduction and the last one should be Conclusion.

– The Introduction section is very important.

– Start on your topic in broad terms – General information about the subject.

– At the end of the Introduction there should be a topic sentence that outlines your paper.

– Actually say: This paper will _______ (then tell what the paper will do.)

– What you stated in your topic sentence will then be your section headings in the rest of your paper.

– Most students struggle with citing their sources.

– Every sentence that you use information from a source must be cited at the end of the sentence.

– You cannot cite the end of the paragraph with a source if multiple sentences in the paragraph use the same source.

– Each sentence must have a source.

– This is a research paper. Therefore, do not use the following words: I, you, we, or us.

– It should not be written in the first person.

– Try to write and use words appropriate for University studies.

– This is not the paper to use personal stories. It should all be fact and research based.