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Howard MSW Application Essay

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Howard MSW Application Essay

Several experiences have influenced my interest in social work. The first experience that influenced my passion for becoming a social worker was back in my teenage life when I noticed how my efforts significantly improved the lives of people around me. I first noted this personally as peers would approach e for advice or come to me to seek comfort. Regardless of how unique, mundane, or common the story was, I used to listen to each of them genuinely and in a non-judgmental manner. Also, I was lucky to have an opportunity to work with a volunteer youth group. Our main activities included visiting orphanages and old people’s homes. I believe that participating in social work activities is my call. I had an opportunity to work with Feeding America Organization. My time with this organization helped me to have contact with others and develop a solid support system, giving me the love and passion to join more voluntary organizations.

After graduation, I believe I will have gained more than enough skills from Howard that will bring massive impact and change in my life and increase my ambitions to be the best social worker I can be. I look forward to working in government organizations that promote equality in all aspects of life to have a better community; working in such an environment will help me grow and provide necessary services to the state members. Also, I wish to set up my aid group that has the urge and passion to educate children from humble backgrounds. Having Social educators is the best thing a leader can do. Education shapes lives, minds, and communities, and the world at large. My other career goal is to ensure that I achieve a progressive, positive social change by empowering disadvantaged members of society.

The understanding and learned values I have gained from my role models have taught me that I should never allow emotions to overpower my intelligence. Most of the time, disagreement feels like a threat in social conversations and sometimes leads to people giving up on this career. As a go-getter, I have learned to make rational decisions in difficult conversations. Allowing my colleague to talk, express their feelings, and back up strong ideas will help me become a better person. It is always good to understand that social work is not always about me, but it’s about the people we are going to work for. When feeling emotional, I look forward to developing positive attention to my thoughts and feelings in my mind. In my experience, taking a break is the best approach. Giving myself free time will help me to process my emotions and those of others

To become the best, one has to go through various challenges and prove to have to be the right person for the job. Growing up in a social community setup has helped me appreciate the value of community-based activities. Pursuing a degree in social work has always been my strength, and my confidence in facing life challenges in whatever way they may come has also played a vital role in pursuing the social work profession. The urge and pressure to learn more has been my weakness. Being over-friendly to clients has also led me to difficult situations.

The ideal that all individuals must have the same opportunities and right is what I call social justice. Some of the current social justice Racial Equality. The impact of racial inequality ripple across society, affecting representation, education, health care, and law enforcement. Another current social justice issue is LGBTQ and Rights. These issues in society have taken major steps towards in their fight for equal rights globally. Affordable Healthcare cannot be left out. Many people rely on their employers for health insurance, a system that sees those who are out of work faced with huge healthcare bills due to health issues and cannot afford better healthcare services. Environmental issues cannot be underestimated. Climate change has impacted social lives in dangerous ways. Climate organizations have found climate change as a global issue to look at, as there are global emissions of hazardous chemicals and gases continue to rise.

The issue of funds has been a major drawback to many students. As a first-year student at Howard, I am planning to invest my time in money-generating activities that can help me pay for my studies as I wait for your Fund. I have high hopes that you will consider my application and help me to achieve my educational goals. I am opened minded kind of person who runs to legal opportunities whenever called upon.

My degree at Howard University will introduce me to and enable me to understand a wide variety of tactics and strategies for bettering my community. Most importantly, I will understand the current state of affairs and get familiar with cutting-edge research on how to improve the system in innovative ways that benefit people in a holistic and long-term approach. To meet up with my interest and goals, I have to become an active member or lead a social club. Participating in extra-curricular activities will assist me and others with well-balanced and stimulating campus life. Joining some of the Howard campus social work-based clubs will help students gain skills, make connections, and broaden their knowledge.