How would you do research





How would you do research

The focus of this paper is to provide an analysis of the different forms of research available in the area of study. This will be done through the observation of selected research topics in relation to the method of research suitable in each case.

Daily life in a crack house

Conducting research on the daily life in a crack house is sensitive due to the mental state of the people involved in the research. I would opt for the use of the qualitative form of research which makes the researcher the main tool in terms of gathering information. It is essential to talk people in this situation so as to get fit hand experience of their condition. The preferred method I would use is performing interviews. I would choose the population who reside in the crack house in that the research is based on their lifestyle. I would design my study to suite the interview method to be undertaken. This involves the use of interview questions that are geared towards the issues that people in this situation face. Interview questions will be accustomed to the answers I intend to get at the end of the interview. The qualitative method will help answer my questions which should be detailed in nature. This is credited to the learning process involved during the research period.

Friendship amongst women with Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s is a condition that results from the degeneration of the nervous system. People who suffer from the condition struggle with remembering significant details in their life. I would therefore use the quantitative method of research. This choice is ideal for the information that I intend to derive from the research. I would conduct a survey on people affected by relatives living with Alzheimer’s. The survey would consist of a small population who will prove determine the suggested hypothesis of the research. My work would be designed to suite the required needs of the analysis. This would include the collection of data, information and results that are essential for completion of the survey. The design of the study would include questioners, and numerical equipment that is essential for calculating the percentages of the collected information. The quantitative method is suitable for this form of research in that the survey requires a long period of time to get adequate results. This method will help me understand the research questions owing to the use of the detailed analysis of the data received by the participative population.

Connection between drug use and GPA

This is a topic that is diverse in that it affects the entire society. The people involved should primarily have an experience in the drug related issue such as the use and eradication of drugs. I would thus use both qualitative and qualitative research so as to come up with a detailed description which on the other hand, has quantitative data to prove the hypothesis in question. The population that I would choose to partake in the study will be selected from different parts of the community. This sampling process would eliminate the bias that is associated with conducting research in such a topic. The qualitative part of the interview would involve people directly affected by the use of drugs. This would involve the use of interviews as opposed to questionnaires. The combination of the two methods will help me derive the adequate information due to the accuracy and detailed description that they contribute to the research process. This will take a longest time due to the calculation and interpretation of the data which would prove the hypothesis and at the same time come up with recommendations on the way forward.

Changes in attitudes about race over time

The topic on race continues to remain a vital issue in the country to date. This matter concerns all members of society and should therefore be given an essential amount of time. I would choose to use quantitative research as opposed to quantitative due to the large number of people the issue affects. This will entail the use of the survey on random people in the community. The survey method of research is conducted when analyzing the personal preferences and opinions of the general public. It is thus the recommended form of research because of the diversity of the people available in the country in present day. The population will consist of people from a varying age brackets so as to determine the change of the perception of people over the years. I would design my study to reflect on the type of information and hypothesis I intend to prove. This will include the use of questionnaires in the form of open ended questions. This in turn guides the participant on the way they should answer the question and relay their information. The method I choose will help come up with accurate data that reflects on the situation in the communities. The use of the qualitative method of research is ideal for determining a number of factors in such a complex issue (Ferris and Stein, p. 230-250).

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