How ideology affect social policy

How ideology affect social policy

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A policy can be defined as a way, means or intention to adopt a certain cause of action. This social policy can be defined as a relationship /policy that are adopted by the government that affects people’s quality of life. Politics influences social policies the most as they govern human behavior which defines social policies. A society’s political ideology will dictate the parameters of its social welfare policy and there is a significant difference in dimensions of effects of ideology. Social issues are a major concern to all citizens; ideology affects social policy only when it deals with social issues. A good example is tax which is an economic issue but a social issue such that it affects the welfare of individuals. Political ideology impacts negatively or positively.

Social policy as understood by philosophers focuses on society, economy and policies that affect primary need of humans’ welfare. Ideologies are a collection of ideas such as socialism or Marxism they may account for distinct in political preferences. When social policy aims to improve human welfare ideologies such as political ideologies increase health care and ruin the justice system (Sugiyama, 2007). Social issue affects our everyday lives and we require government ideologies to implement laws that help reduce poverty while bringing a balance in wealth distribution. Governments can specify limits by laying down legal requirement to people’s behavior.

Socialism is a movement that aimed at improving society in Europe it was associated with working class movements and labor relations. Ideologies also affected age, education, income and race. Race related policies were common in the late 80s especially in Eastern Europe and it was instigated by government ideologies S(Sugiyama, 2007). Ideologies matter in social policies for citizens require a way to act on policies in order to be useful in explaining events especially political. To sum it up ideologies affect social policies take for example conservatism has an impact in traditional values in work, family as they cause restraints. Conservatives have never been united in terms of social policies.


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