How I faced problems in a new place and how I solved it




How I faced problems in a new place and how I solved it.

Growing up was a challenge to me; however, after I got my visa to come and stay in the United States seemed to be the most delightful moment I would ever experience. I grew up as a brilliant student back in Jamaica, and once I was told I was coming to the United States, I knew I would identify myself with the rest of the Americans since in my community I was considered as one of the brightest and literate people. I did not expect to face any challenge here since my brother had experienced very little when he was new here.

On landing to the United States, I headed directly to Oklahoma. My day one experience was more than any other normal tiring day after traveling. Moving to the USA, got me in a surprise since adapting to the environment was not easy. Everyone wanted to know where I came from and many could laugh at me since Jamaica has a negative reputation out there. The first compelling task was to get a new English accent and polish my English to look something next to a native speaker. Jamaican English is so weak, and I do not doubt that many out here do not consider it as English but some other tribe language or mother tongue. Just as I thought I was literate because of my high school education, then to my surprise I was not.

Poor communication due to poorly structured sentences was what my peers could identify with. The bad English left me lonely, feeling bad and frequently I could feel stressed with how people laughed at me. I could face another challenge of being asked why I did not abuse drugs since this is a norm in my former country. People consume marijuana like it was just any other food consumed daily. My friends asked me a lot of questions and they made me feel so bad about myself, and I no longer wanted to be identified as an immigrant from Jamaica.

Everywhere I went I could face a lot of mockery and discrimination. I was given the last chance when it came to airing out views within a group of people since everyone knew I would provide views with broken English and the logic behind the views was unexplainable. People viewed me as an illiterate person who deserved to be silent unless otherwise. Leave alone airing out my opinions, I could not ask for directions, or any question in peace since the English I spoke would leave everyone in laughter. Some did not help me after laughing at me.

Poor English, coming from a country that has less to identify with the outside world and that has a different culture is what caused all these problems. It became intense to an extent I felt like it would be better if I went back since I was no longer happy. I was lonely and isolated, only two or three people except for my brother wanted to identify themselves with me. My brother encouraged me that all shall come to pass and all that matters was my future.

Thanks to the three friends in my neighborhood who helped me to identify with the Americans. One of them gave me the advice of enrolling for an English course which after three months my life was a new one. I could speak more fluent I was almost being identified as a native speaker. This forced me to get a new nickname so that fewer people will identify me as an immigrant form a country with less good to say about it. At least a new name would spare me from questions about my country since I could now speak and behave like other Americans.

Conclusively, everywhere we go provided it is a new place we must experience rejection before we get absorbed by the people. It is always a hard task but getting friends who understand can help one to cope up easily. I had to tackle my problems and managed to interact with other people after having everything solved. It is through adapting to a new environment that makes us comfortable. Also, everyone must experience challenges in a new place which is normal.