How employee motivation affects OB-

How employee motivation affects OB-

Maintaining and creating a well-motivated workforce can be a challenging task for just about any company. At times, the confidence and motivation of employees can be lost and worn down by the demanding tasks and everyday activities within a company. In order to develop and preserve a motivated staff, a company must look deeper into the overall organizational behavior atmosphere that they currently have. The concept of organizational behavior can be best defined as “the systematic study and application of knowledge about how individuals and groups act within the organizations where they work” (Bauer, 2017). Within all businesses, there is an internal culture and atmosphere that is unique to each specific company. This atmosphere is created collectively from each individual employee’s skill set and personality contributions within the work place. The organizational behavior of a company is dependent upon these contributions and is directly related to the overall commitment and motivation of the employees. By researching Organizational Behavior and analyzing ways to improve upon the motivation within the workplace, a company can learn to create and sustain a more efficient and cohesive environment that will benefit both the employees and business as a whole.

As humans, we are all driven by a combination of natural and social needs. This drive is the basis behind each individual’s motivation while working on the job. The integrity of a company’s organizational operations and company culture are also big factors that have a large influence on the employee’s motivation and organizational behavior as well. It is crucial that a company understands that “cultural practices can vary dramatically, as can the education and skill levels of the population” (Hill & Hult, 2018). In order to create a culture and environment where employees feel valued, encouraged, and empowered to do their best, a company must put a spot light on the management styles that are being performed and executed. As a manager, it is ones duty and responsibility to bring out the best in the employees, ensure that organizational operations are going as planned, and improve upon the overall success of the business. By doing so, the organizational behavior within the company will be positively affected and the employee morale and motivation will substantially improve. The social perception employees may have towards management can greatly affect the overall behavior and work attitudes within the organization. Measuring a company’s organizational behavior is based off the aspects of an employee’s job satisfaction and work-related attitudes. As a manager, better understanding work-related attitudes and what motivates your staff will increase job satisfaction and in turn, increase the productivity of the employees. In a way, the organizational behavior of a company serves as a roadmap for the employees to better understand themselves and the company’s culture. The organizational effectiveness and employee motivation within a company have a positive correlation and when balanced properly will lead to better performance and satisfaction levels overall. Examining the company’s organizational behavior will allow for management to look at each aspect of the organization and act on any things that may need improvement. By doing so, management will have a better grasp on how employees react under certain circumstances and situations and can learn to adjust accordingly. When employee motivation is at its peak, management can feel satisfied knowing that they have instilled a strong model of organizational behavior that has gotten them to that point.

How employee motivation leads to positive customer satisfaction-

Within a company, the employees could be described as the most important and vital factor when it comes to the overall success or failure of an organization. The employees are the ones performing the frontline jobs while continually interacting with the customers on a daily basis. These employees who have direct interaction with guests have an extremely high influence on the customer satisfaction levels of a company. It is imperative that an organization understands exactly how their motivational approaches for their workforce can make or break them when it comes to the care and satisfaction of their customers. An employee’s job satisfaction and overall job performance are what determines the customer’s thoughts and opinions of a company. The frontline performance of employees plays an essential role in attaining a customers’ happiness and first impression of the organization. The main focus for good customer service is all about the attentiveness of employees and the retention of guests. A company’s approach to their customer service is what will determine whether or not the customers’ expectations and satisfaction levels are being met. The overall essence of having good customer service within a company stems from the employee motivation one reciprocates from the organizational behavior within the business. Typically, companies will spend exorbitant amounts of money in order to gain loyalty from their customers. What these companies do not realize is that they are spending more money, time, and attention on buying the guest’s happiness and tend to overlook the significant aspect that lies within the organization itself: employee motivation. When companies ensure high-quality customer service practices, it gives them a strategic advantage over the competitors and allows for employees to better understand their job and role in the success of the business. In order to improve upon the impact employees have on guests, a company should make sure they maintain the components of a motivating work environment as well as a positive management team. Employees who feel motivated in their job position hold a stronger degree of professional satisfaction and will provide higher service and quality levels to the guests. Management teams that put a focus on the training, education, and development of their employees will better meet company goals and expectations. When employees feel they have knowledge on the products, business operations, services, and objectives of a company they feel more confident and motivated to perform their job functions. Having engaged and motivated employees will always result in satisfied customers. Continually improving the knowledge and motivation of a company’s employees will help them to attract and retain a strong customer base. In an ever changing world, techniques and approaches are continually adapting to improve the training and development employees receive from a company. As Tim Kirley, the CEO of Edward Jones Investments would describe, employee motivation “goes beyond the financial incentives” (Bauer, 2017). When companies take the time to train, develop, and recognize the efforts put in by their staff, employees feel a sense of appreciation and motivation to help with the company’s success. A feeling of investment within a company empowers the employees to provide service levels that will create positive experiences and outcomes for the guests. In an era where customers expect more and are willing to leave companies behind who don’t meet their standards, it is imperative that a company puts a focus on transforming their customer experience. Employee motivation is the key to success when it comes to the satisfaction levels of the guests. Just as companies are willing to put in the effort to strive for success, they should first be willing to put the time and dedication into their employees to reach that success with their guests.

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