How does the doctrine of the Trinity allow Christians to reconcile their belief that Jesus is God with their adherence to mon

How does the doctrine of the Trinity allow Christians to reconcile their belief that Jesus is God with their adherence to monotheism?

The Christian belief is monotheistic in that it declares that there is on only one God. When it comes to the trinity, the Father is God, THE Son is God and the Holy Spirit is God. Monotheism is the belief that there is one God and the fact that according to Christians the Trinity is one God makes Christianity Monotheistic.

Christians have used many different metaphors to explain the Trinity. For example, water sometimes exists as ice, sometimes as liquid water, and sometimes as vapor–but all three are water. What are the strengths and weakness of this metaphor? Can you think of any others?

The advantage associated with these metaphors is creating an understanding to individuals who are not able to understand the monotheism of the Trinity. Through these metaphors one gains an understanding of how the trinity is just one whole.

I believe one of the weaknesses associated with these metaphors would be the fact that God cannot be divided into parts as he remains one. The Father, the Son, and the Spirt are basically one but this cannot be said for the same as metaphors used as in our case vapor, ice and liquid water are different

Another weakness from the metaphor would be God does not switch modes as in the case of water. The idea that God may manifest himself in various ways at different times can be termed as incorrect a term given for this is modalism

Another metaphor would think of is the egg. In trying to explain the Trinity most have explained how an egg has a shell, York and egg white yet all the same it is an egg as the three different parts are able to create a unified whole.

Imagine that you walk into a church in a foreign country. You know it is a Christian church, but because you can’t read the language, you don’t know whether it is a Protestant, Catholic, or Orthodox church. What would you look for as clues to the type of Christianity practiced in this church? You might consider such things as, for example, the decoration of the space and the behavior of the congregation.

One clue would be how they pray and worship. In Orthodox, they practice divine liturgy and worship may be in the vernacular. Protestants have a variety of worship styles and may use instruments such as guitars, piano and drums. Catholic worship is centered around the mass.

In a catholic church one may see the image of Mary the mother of Jesus as she is highly regarded as the Mother of the Church.

During prayers for the catholic church they will do the cross symbol naming the trinity while the protestant does not do that. Orthodox church does so by bringing together three fingers together and two fingers remain I a certain way then make sign of the cross.

What are the differences of style between the Anglican/Episcopal baptism and the Baptist baptism?

Anglicans believe in infant baptism while the Baptist believe in the full-emersion baptism at a consenting age after one has gone through the necessary teaching.

The Baptist as compared to the Anglicans do not believe in the apostolic succession.

Anglican churches may have sacramental worship thus arts and icon may be present but Baptist does not allow any form of art, statues or icon as they believe thus to be idolatry,


Baptist church rejects major council and creeds as they term them more human based and are thus not divinely inspired

What are the differences of style between the Roman Catholic Mass and the Baptist Lord’s Supper service?

The Catholic believe the Lord’s supper to be means of saving grace and most Catholics are to partake in holy communion every time they get to attend mass. Catholic believe that on consecration the wine and bread changes into the actual body and blood of Christ (transubstantiation)

Baptist believe the Lord’s supper service should be a commemoration of Jesus death and that is why most use on the body and the blood metaphorically. They believe the bread and the wine are symbols. For Baptist, holy communion may happen just 4-5 times in a week. Baptist reject idea of Eucharist

How do these differences relate to the “Catholic” <–> “Protestant” spectrum?

Protestant belief on the holy communion differs from that of Catholic conception of the sacrament. While Catholics believe through the words of the priest the bread and wine turn into actual body and blood of Christ, the protestant view the body and the wine just as a representation of the body and blood of Jesus and also does not need the power of a priest for the transformation of the bread and wine. Protestants encompasses many denomination and while some partake every Sunday other partake monthly, quarterly or less. Also protestants do not require the priestly blessing inn order for the communion to be significant but it is rather their belief in the sacrament as most bring fort their faith to God on forgiveness of sin.