Hospital Glove Supply Chain Proposal

Hospital Glove Supply Chain Proposal

Proposal for new supply chain

Definition of hospital Glove Supply Chain

The chain has all the dealings that are important in acquisition and delivery of the gloves to customers. These transactions include, purchase, management of the inventory, inventory planning as well as distribution and sales transactions.

1.2 Purpose of the proposal

This proposal is intended to define with clarity the extent as well as the scope of the supply chain. It will give the full details of how our products are supposed to reach the ultimate consumers and the path followed to deliver the product to the consumer

1-3 Scope of the initial Supply Chain

The initial supply chain is a concept to test the hospital gloves and will therefore be of little use. However, it will be used in this proposal to address a bigger extent. We will need it to be able to know what we need in this future scope. The initial supply chain involved sale of the globes to wholesalers who in turn sold them to consumers. This supply chain eventually resulted to increase in the price of gloves therefore interfering with our competitiveness in the market.

1-4 Scope of the proposed supply chain

This new supply proposal is intended to design the supply chain in two ways. First of all the scope of our chain will move from the producer, to the customers directly without involvement of middle men. This will help us be in control of the prices of our products hence enable us to compete effectively in the market. Secondly, the hospitals can purchase globes directly from our firm. The data of the supply including all transactions shall be managed effectively for faster reference.How to use total quality management in evaluating the process

Total quality management is used by firms to retain its competitiveness in the market. It is intended to achieve the satisfaction of the customer and is basically a management philosophy intended to achieve product quality. This philosophy involves all people in the creation and sale of product. In this case, we should employ supplier quality management. This will involve managing the supply chain effectively for our product to be able to compete in the market. Supplier quality management is one of the targets of total quality management. It is intended to achieve the performance of suppliers so as to reach the commodity to the market.

Evaluation of the proposed project

In any business, project management can be applied to change or introduce things in a business. In our glove supply we can use project management to change our mode of supply. We will evaluate the proposal of our supply chain using management tool called Supply-Chain Operations Reference- Model. We will use to access how our proposal addresses and improves management of our supply chain. The supply chain has improved the supply chain by aspiring to deliver their goods physically to the consumers. Secondly the chain has ensured better prices for the customers by doing away with middle men. This mode of supply will enhance effective communication between the supplier and the consumers. This will ensure a continuous and timely supply of the gloves to the hospitals and hence enabling the business to compete effectively.


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