Hoovers time in FBI

Hoovers time in FBI

How did J. Edgar Hoover manage to stay in charge of the FBI for more than 40 years?

J. Edgar always stood in the way and helped the FBI in covering several cases of injustice where the FBI was directly responsible for going against the law and which required immediate apprehension. This is clearly demonstrated by the horrific attack on September 15, 1963 where an explosion caused several deaths in Alabama the perpetrators were convicted after 40 years.

2. How did Dillinger use his ‘look’ like a weapon?

He made the public to be fascinated by his good looks, dapper clothes, friendly banter and penchant for athletic leaps whenever he was at the bank counters and this strategically kept his potential targets off the balance so that they could not see him as a potential harm. Eventually, he ended up from them.

How did Hoover’s FBI betray Anna Sage?

Anna called the FBI and promised to give them confidential information on the whereabouts of Dillinger if they could give her a ransom of $10,000 and also promise never to deport her. After she disclosed the information, they did not keep it confidential and did not honor their own side of the agreement.

Why was Dillinger afraid of Matt Leach?

Dillinger knew Matt Leach who was the captain and head of the Indiana State Police would actually put a stop to the crimes they were committing through apprehension of just elimination once he had sufficient evidence. He saw him as hurdle on their way and not someone they could keep up with.

Explain the significance of this quotation:” Die the way you lived, all of a sudden. That is the way to go. Don’t drag it out.”

This quote is particularly significant for Dillinger who lived a life of crime and killed many brutally in order to accomplish his mission. Eventually, he got killed mercilessly in 1943 by an FBI officer after 14- months’ crime spree.

Why did Mrs. Purvis blame Hoover for her husband’s Death?

Mrs. Purvis believed Hoover spent most time with her husband and even appointed him as the head of the Chicago task force in order to bring down Public Enemy. Mrs Purvis sees this as a trap the Hoover set for husband knowing very well how dangerous Dillinger and his gang were and still made her husband be in charge of the crew to bring them down.

How could Purvis have avoided the trap set for him by Hoover?

Purvis knew very well that the task that had been put ahead of him was very deadly yet he still had the courage to undertake it. He would have simply stuck to his duties in the force and not tried risking his life in order to impress his seniors. Also, he would have taken every safety precaution in every operation.

Greencastle bank robbery was the most successful because.

The gang made away with a huge amount of cash amounting to $74, 782.09

All the four gangsters escaped without any injury.

The safe was well loaded before the operation and the gangsters got a member of the bank who was able to open the safe for them.

Evidence that Polly Hamilton was more than a prostitute in Dillinger’s life.

She had reliable information concerning Dillinger’s life in crime and also she was indirectly involved in the robberies that Dillinger carried out.

How did Dillinger’s luck run out in Tucson?

A fire broke out at the Hotel Congress in Tucson where members of the Dillinger gang were staying. As he tried to escape a member of the FBI shot at him and this time round, he was not lucky.

On that night in Chicago, the police ambushed him. To find him, he wore a blue shirt and grey tie, a pair of black trousers, a pair of black Italian leather shoes and looked sharp.

Marilyn Monroe and Carl Sandburg were good Hollywood friends and the friendship was very crucial in helping her advance her career in acting and become a superstar. She later talked well of her in her writings after her painful and untimely demise.

Gus Zernial was important in Marilyn Monroe story because it tells how she was directly set up so that she could not advance in her earlier stages in the acting and modeling career.

Two events that launched Monroe’s Career

-having been a model she was well known and that made her a superstar

-the men she had in her life acted as father figures and helped open doors in her early careers

15. Marilyn’s grave has the date on his unusual marker, as well as pyramids at the corners.

19. Marilyn was attracted to older men since she needed a father figure in her life.

15. Marilyn’s appearance at birthday party in Madison square was significant since it was her last public appearance, singing “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” at a televised birthday party for President John F. Kennedy at Madison Square Garden.

16. The latin inscription that Marilyn etched into the tiles of the house where she dies read Cursum Perficio meaning “My Journey Ends”. This inscription foretold the screen goddess’ death in the home in 1962. The inscription tells about Marilyn’s private life through several illustrations and previous photos that were unpublished pictures of her hacienda and its contents. It also celebrates the human being that lived in the legend. As a matter of fact, it refreshes and a exploration of the most sincere fan and an perceptive introduction for those just discovering this lasting icon of the Twentieth Century.

20. Why seven-year itch is Marilyn’s most favorite movie, and the one that Joe hated the most because it played a role in Monroe divorce from Joe grounds of “mental cruelty” after a violent contest at their hotel after the shoot, something that Joe loathed so much. However, Marilyn felt like it freed her from the bondage of marriage life.