Honibes supportive services



Honibe’s supportive services

Honibe is a Canadian company that is located in Prince Edward Island and specializes in an all natural honey products. honibe produces Honey Drop, which is the world’s first 100% pure, non-sticky honey with no additives. Their current products in the market include Honey Delight, the world’s first pure honey candy, Honey Lozenge, the world’s first pure natural therapeutic ingredients plus Honey Sprinkle, which is also, the world’s first pure granular honey for deserts, baking and sprinkling on cakes, ice-cream, cookies, and oatmeal (Casey, 2012).

The Honibe Honey Drop is suitable for sweetening coffee or tea or can be directly ingested as a natural energy supplement. It is a healthier product and a perfect substitute to the sugar cube. Other health values in Honey Drop include improvisation of pro-biotic absorption, suitable for digestion, contains a high concentration of anti-oxidants and excellent energy supplement. Therefore, Honibe strives to promote healthy lifestyles amongst consumer. Honey Lozenges have methanol and eucalyptus added in them, and suitable for upper respiratory reliefs like sore throats and coughs. The dryness of Honey Lozenges brings a soothing effect in consumers, together with natural advantages of methanol and eucalyptus (PRLog, 2012).

The products are available in convenient sizes and can be carried in pockets, briefcases, cars and even in the airspace. The products are available in two flavors, i.e. pure honey with lemon and honey with colorful packs, to make them stand out on any retail shelf for easy identification by customers. Honibe has eliminated incidences of honey wastage, messy liquid honey and the products have a longer life span and easy to serve. The management has also introduced the products in the pharmasave places and door-to-door delivery services in Atlantic Canada for easy customer accessibility. The company is also striving to promote environmental friendly production methods for a greener future, and support charitable organization by donating 1% of their total revenues (PRLog, 2012).

These supportive services have been accompanied with several market advantages. The company has expanded its sales to the International Space Center (ISS) after it was identified, by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), suitable for “Snacks for Space”. The products enjoy an increasing demand in both national and international market, especially after it won a Gold Medal from the global SIAL d’Or in SIAL Paris 2010. The award is the most prestigious honor by the global food show, and it identified Honibe as the “best new food in the world,” leading to increase sales. The product conquered more than 200 world’s best new food products to clinch the award. In 2011, Honibe was honored with the “Canada Brand Business Award” at SIAL Toronto. Honobe was offered one of the largest pacts in history, when it was featured on one of Canada’s most popular television shows involving five dragons. The awards have since boosted the sales and upgraded the company’s value (Casey, 2012).

The company also recently announced to avail Honibe in all Whole Food Markets all over northern Nevada and northern California. The areas are known to be home of tea and coffee lovers. The company is also planning to partner with “Whole Foods Markets” distribute the products and counter the growing demand. The company is also on the record as the fastest growing company with total revenue summing to $25 million. By the year 2010, the company’s sales were estimated to be close to $2 million. Initially, the company used to ship their product to about 1,000 retail outlets across Canada, and the number quickly increased after winning the award. The company expects to supply the Honibe products to over 5000 grocery and pharmacy location, including stores (Casey, 2012).

The honibe products have gained ground due to their health values, portability and absence of additives. Its market is consistently increasing throughout the US and Japan, improving the value of the business.

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