Homelessness in San Jose Ca

Homelessness in San Jose Ca



Homelessness in San Jose Ca

Annotated Bibliography

San Jose: California’s First City

This book was written by Donald, O., Beilharz, Edwin A.; and DeMers Jr. and published by MIT Press in 2010. It gives a lot of information on the issue of landlessness in San Jose Ca. in his explanations; the authors say that this has been a persistent problem whose origin dates back to the past centuries. Landlessness affects many people in the larger California. However, the most vulnerable groups are the minority groups including the African Americans. Homelessness is majorly caused by persistent poverty which makes many people not be able to access housing facilities. This book is very important in this research because it sheds more light on this problem. It can help ion tracing its origin and developmental stages it has undergone up to the present times. This is because, when making such a study, it is essentially important to find the basis of the problem before dwelling on the emerging trends and probably looking for the most appropriate remedial measures.

FOCUSING ON SOLUTIONS: Family Homelessness

This book was authored by Zack Olmstead and published by Housingca publishers in the year 2011. Here, Zack argues that homelessness has become an emotive issue in San Jose Ca. he goes ahead to state that it has persisted because of the failures of San Jose City Council to cooperate with the homeless people in this place. As he argues, the council has a lot of responsibilities to clear all the homeless camps within the city. However, this has been difficult since it has not managed to meet the required budget. Similarly, the text states that the council has failed to lobby for the support of other concerned organs such as the Housing Department and the San Jose Conservation Corps. The support of these groups is very important as far as the elimination of homelessness is concerned. They can clean the homeless camps and provide housing options to the victims. This book is essential for this study because it gives up dated highlights on statistics and efforts of the City Council of San Jose and other concerned authorities. The data it provides can be useful when conducting this research. This is because it is more up dated than any other text which explores the contributions of the relevant authorities in dealing with this problem. Even if it is the long term plan of the City Council of San Jose to deal with it, the book explores that this may not be achieved unless stern measure s are taken.

Promising Strategies: Mercer County Board of Social Services and Mercer Alliance to End Homelessness

In this article, the National Alliance to End Homelessness clarifies that homelessness in San Jose is intensified by financial difficulties. In fact, high cases of this problem are heard of during recession periods when individuals are struggling to meet their essential obligations such as food and clothing. The article further explains the kind of lifestyle adopted by the victims of homelessness in different parts of this city. Because of lack of options for where to stay, the paper examines that these people choose to set up bases at the public parks. These are the only free spaces where they can relax hoping that they can relieve their agonies and have a peace of mind. However, as the paper explains, it does not work out because it is not taken lightly by the city authorities. Their belongings are treated as baggage which only dirties the clean city. This article is very essential for this study because of the way it acquaints the researchers with all this information. Its explanations on the way homeless individuals move from place to place with their belongings is quite informative. It sheds more light on the extent at which the effects of this menace is felt amongst the Sn Jose’s population.