Home Depot In New York City

Home Depot In New York City

After carefully reading through and understanding the case study that is provided the following are answers to the attached questions.

Answer to question one

The differences in trading area size and characteristics for a downtown and a suburban location for a Home depot are;

The trading area for a home depot is smaller in downtown when compared to the one located in suburban area. This is evident from the fact that the home depot located in Manhattan does not have space for modification of the stores exterior due to its location in landmark preservation area. Also home deport stores in downtown areas may lack some departments due to limited trading area, an example is the lack of lumber department which is obviously present in a suburb home depot store. Due to limited trading area the stores in downtown locations store some products while others are available only on demand which is not the case in stores in suburban areas since they stock the same products.

Suburban home depots have different characteristics from downtown home depots. Due to the large number of clients there is a doorman who helps the customers load their language and get taxis. There is also a concierge who directs customers to the correct aisle. This lack in suburb home depots. Signs in downtown depots are available in different languages since the clientele is diverse. The signs in suburban home depots are in the language which the people in that area understand.

Answer to question two

The differences on location and site selection of home depots located in downtown and suburban areas are; when deciding on the location of a home depot in downtown area the rent is considered and it should not be too high. Rents in suburb areas are low when compared to those in downtown areas. Parking space is also a factor considered in the location of a home depot in downtown areas. The area of choice should have ample parking space for the large client number. Parking space is not a big factor when choosing location in suburb areas. The population of the area in terms of size is also considered when choosing a site in downtown areas. This is because there would be no need putting up a home depot in an area where there will not be enough clients for the products.

Answer to question three

The home depot stores in Manhattan should be made in such a way that they can be taken in or be adapted by the community by various means. They should organize adverts that will let the community know the products they offer and at what fee. They should ensure that the products they have in store are of high quality that will attract the clients. They should also price the products fairly and not so exploitative when compared to other stores in the area. Incase a product is not in stock and is ordered they should ensure that the order arrives in good time so that they can gain trust with the clients. These will build confidence in the clients on the store and they will no hesitate to place an order again. Incase a client is not satisfied with the product the store should give compensation so that there is a good relationship between the client and the store.

Answer to question four

Home depots presence in Manhattan will help the hardware and lighting stores in the area sine it lacks a lumber department hence does not stock plasterboard, insulation or plywood. This items are available when ordered.Inase the client needs any of these items urgently they will be reluctant to place an order and opt to get them from hardware and lighting stores nearby.