Home Automation Systems

Home Automation Systems

Due to increasing wireless technology and a rise in connectivity technology, the opportunity to create a home automation system has grown as well. House automation systems connect everything in a house, including lighting, heating, security, doors, and entertainment centers. Protocols such as wireless broadband, ZigBee, Bluetooth, and z-wave allows the connection of deceives within a house from a central hub. Because of the expansion of the home automation market, there are various systems clients can choose from to work with various household products. This paper discusses current and future appliances pointing out their advantages and stating some of their disadvantages.

Amazon Echo is a popular home automation hub. The equipment uses a voice-powered technology known as Alexa that connects to a cloud-based service to provide music, set up time and alerts, and even make calls. One of its advantages is the multiple multidirectional microphones that make it possible to collect voice from various directions. Its $99 price is also relatively low with a small version of Alex costing half the price, making it relatively cheap (Turner). The echo type from Amazon is not compatible with many multiple devices, which is some disadvantage. People are required to buy multiple devices with Alexa built-in for additional devices. It does not also really apply to significant home activities such as locking doors, heating and cooling, the security system, and others.

The Kasa Smart plug that uses Wi-Fi is a marvel of innovation. The plug uses Wi-Fi to turn on and off, which means one can be able to switch off appliances such as TV, radio, lamps, and fans from anywhere in the house using a remote control. It is such a wonderful item, and its price going below $15 dollars makes it even more marvelous (Olson). The problem with it is that it controls mostly turning off appliances direct from the power source. Switching the appliances on using the same method is not such a good idea.

Finding the best home automation system requires depends on finding a hub that connects the various independent system.

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