history of fashion and public relations

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Topic: history of fashion and public relations.

Public relation refers to the human relationship between organizations and their customers. Fashion public relation refers to the relationship between fashion designers and the clients who buy the clothes. Eleanor Lambert was the lady that introduced fashion designers to public relations and helped them become stars out of them.

In 1973 she put a show know as the battle of Versailles that put American fashion at the same level as French fashion (Tiffany, 1). In the 1940s she was given position on manufacturing firms and fashion stores to promote their best designers. Three events were introduced by Eleanor that still take place until today the best dressed list, the Coty awards and the press week (Karimzadeh, 2) (Tiffany, 1). All this publicized events helped promote fashion and various fashion icons and designers.

Fashion publicist spend most of the day talking to magazine editors, managing processes regarding to getting word out about the name, brand and image of the fashion designs. Through speaking to editors they give out information about what styles are required for the next photo shoot, talking to celebrity stylists so as to know what design they require and discussing what looks would be great for their customers. Their other work is to set up photo shoots and carrying out interviews (Blasberg, 1).

The top five fashion public relations firms are, KCD, Paul Wilmot, Laforce + Stevens (Lueng, 1), Nadine Johnson and PR Consulting, this are the current leading fashion public relations firms found in the United States that have helped boost and hoist fashion designing in America. Besides building the name of already established fashion design icons, they also help upcoming designers to build their reputation and help them on their way up.


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