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History and Political Science: Definitions

Monogenetic theory assumes monogenesis and it states that there is a single origin of European based pidgins and creoles before they migrated out to populate the world.

Culture is the defined values that outline the behavior of a particular society at different levels while civilization is the cultural, technological and physical development of the man-made environment.

Environment is all the physical and biological surrounding as well as their interactions while Geography is the study of earth as a home of man.

Ancestry is the history or background of an individual’s ancestors or the descendants of one individual.

Clan is a group of people sharing a common ancestor while a tribe is a social division in a traditional society including families or communities connected by societal, economic, religion, blood ties and shares culture and dialect.

Communalism is the formation of collective communities where property and resources are maintained by the community but not individuals or even a system of government where a state is seen as a loose federation

East Central Africa is a region extending west-east from Chad to Somalia and north south from Sudan to the Democratic Republic of Congo which has been characterized by violent political contention within and among states and between communal growth.

Sahara is the world’s largest desert of northern Africa that extend east from the Atlantic coast to the Nile Valley and south from the Atlas Mountains to the region of the Sudan.

Rain forest are incredible places containing more than half of the world’s plants and animals and has tall, dense jungle with high amount of rainfall per year.

Subsistence is relying on natural resources for basic needs provision or self-sufficiency farming.

Metallurgy is the archeological study of ancient procedures of extracting metals from their ores, purifying and alloying metals which included quarrying, mine construction and smelting

Agriculture is the production of food and goods through growing of plants and rearing animals

Sedentary is remaining at a particular position oor place for a very long time without movement or migrating

Nomadic is a restless and ever moving or mobile society that frequently travel and change settlements.

Diaspora is the dispersion of people from their original area or originally homogeneous entity such as values.

Spirituality is the wellspring of divinity that acts as the source and essence of every soul and relates more to an individual’s own search and finding deep meaning and purpose of existence.

Bantus are any of the Negroid grouping of more than 500 languages but form a linguistically and sometimes culturally interrelated family in central and southern Africa and are related within sub branch of the Benue-Congo branch of the Niger-Kordofanian family.

Art is form and content which stimulates our emotions and enhances both creativity and a way of expressing ourselves while aesthetic is a branch of idea dealing with the nature and expression of beauty or a conception of an aesthetically valid or beautiful thing.

Food is edible or portable substances that originate from either plant or animal and contain nutrients that enable body to work grow and repair.

Ethiopia is the most populous landlocked country situated in the Horn of Africa and is one of the oldest locations of human life as well as the region in which Homo sapiens first set out for the middle East and beyond.

Nubia is an ancient northeastern Africa situated along the Nile River in the northern Sudan and Southern Egypt.

Egypt is a transcontinental country with one of the longest history of any modern state which spans the northeast corner of Africa and Southwest corner of Asia through Sinai Peninsula.

Afrocentrism is a U.S based Pan-African ideology driven by racist attitude towards African people and is centered on promoting African culture and contribution towards the Eurocentric dominated economy.

Racism is the discrimination, hatred and belief that one race is superior to the other.

Pan Africanism is a movement that originated from the African’s struggle against enslavement and colonization but had a common goal of uniting and eliminating the white supremacy in their continent.

AASU is one of the oldest youth unions that fights for the overall socio-political, economic, academic and cultural developments of Assam and has enjoyed many breakthroughs in the post-independence socio-dynamism.

Greece is a southern Europe country situated in the Southern Europe and shares borders with Albania, Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey.

Rome is the most populous city and special commune in Italy and the only world city containing a whole state which is the enclave of Vatican City

NVCC is one of the most internationally diverse institution with students from more than 180 countries

Pyramid is a structure like pyramid that represents the Egyptian’s old masonry

Nile Valley is a region situated in the northern Egypt where the Nile River twiststhrough the desert which is the north of Aswan and then goes toward Mediterranean Sea resulting into a vast, fertile region due to silt deposits from the river’s annual flooding

Pharaohs are the tittle given to the ancient Egyptian rulers in the dynasties

Osiris, Isis and Horus are the three Egyptian deities

An old empire is an ancient kingdom that ruled most parts of Africa

Hyksos are the foreigners who were thought to be of Semitic origin from Canaan or Syria who ruled the Lower Egypt in the 15th and the 16th dynasties and promoted peace and prosperity during their reign. Ptolemies is the last ancient dynasty of Macedonian Kings who ruled independent Egypt from 323 BC to 30BC after succeeding the pharaohs

Carthage is a Tunis suburbsituated at the centre of the Carthaginian Empire in antiquity which was built on promontory with sea inlets to the north and south to enable Mediterranean maritime trade

Ancient African Americans before 1500 was marred with slavery and many European powers entered Africa thus leading to their presence in the west and central Africa

18th Dynasty is the period between 1550-1295 BC that included rulling family dynasties and is regarded as the most glorious period in ancient Egypt history as it started with the Hyksos expulsion and ended with the reign of Horemheb25th Dynasty was a line of rulers that came from the Nubian kingdom of Kush who ruled all part of Egypt from around 746-653 BC