History and Importance Of Management

History and Importance Of Management






The HR department is very important in each organization. In the present day all organizations looks for employees who have high potential and are of high quality. This department is therefore very crucial when the success of an organization is concerned. They should therefore have adequate information on the positions that are required within the organization, they should be adequate time given for the hiring process (Davis, 2006). The organizations should not set expectations that are unrealistic and are not within the ability of the HR in terms of achievement.

This paper therefore looks at the history and importance of the HR in an organization emphasis being on the importance of the HR within the warehousing and distribution departments of an organization. The paper further analyzes the importance of human resource management to all other manages in an organization. The functions of the HR as the strategic partner in the organization and also the role the HR plays in employment practices that enable the organization to achieve its goals.


The human resource department is considered a supporting department within the warehousing and distribution departments. Within an organization the centre for distribution is the warehouse and is where the products are stored prior to distribution. Therefore the HR plays a vital role in ensuring that the organization has the best personnel who are qualified to work in the warehouses or distribution centres.They should ensure that they recruit a general manager for the distribution centre. The role of this general manager is to manage the facility. Theyshould also put in place various department managers that report directly to the general manager. They should also employ the laborstaffs who do the actual distribution. The choice of al these expertise should be done with great caution and care so that there can be a general positive effect to the organization at large. The other functions of the HR department induction, orientation and training of the new employees. After they are hired it is the duty of the HR department to conduct the above to the new employees. This helps the new employees to get familiar with the warehouse and distribution departments and know their exact t roles in these departments. Once the employees are comfortable within the organization they can thus work efficiently for great results.

They can also have a role in compensation development for the staff in the warehousing and distribution departments. They can offer compensations incase an employee is injured while they are undertaking their activities in the organization. They are also involved in the safety management within the warehouse. They should ensure that the staff are always secure and are not in any way endangered while at work within the warehouse. They also function as a means of communication between the staff and the overall management of the organizton.amy problem that the staffs face while they are working in the warehouse can be relayed to the management through the HR department. The necessary changes can then be addressed thus enable the smooth running of operations within the warehousing and distribution departments. Therefore it can be noted that an effective HR unit is quite important in the success of the organization since it puts in place all the employees in the various departments.

Human resource management is important to all the managers in organization. This is because for every business to succeed there has to be priority on a workforce that is competent. This ensures that the right person is employed for a particular job. Other resources within an organization depend on the human resource which without there would be no people to plan, monitor or even organize other resources that are available. The HR therefore improves the management level and is viewed as a helper in increasing the efficiency within an organization.This hence ensures effective management within an organization. It can thus be concluded that the HR is a very important aspect in the strategic management in an organization.

The HR is viewed as the strategic partner in an organization this is because if there is no HR then the organization would lack various important aspects. These include;putting in place proper plans within the organization the HR plays a crucial role in the recruitment of the workforce who will end up planning on the various activities of the organization. At the end of the day proper planning leads to a great success in the organization.

Running the aims and getting appropriate feedback that is important to the organization. Through the employees that have been recruited and managed by the HR theorganization gets the objectives of the organization in place and running. Theyalso enable the organization to get feedback from the existing and also potential customers of the organization. This can help in improving or maintaining the standards and quality of the services or even goods provided by the organization (Bobinski, 2002)

The HR also ensures that there is efficiency within the organization in terms of service or product provision. This is through the employment of qualified personnel who will work toward great efficiency. The HR also ensures the welfare of the employees is taken care of in terms of their working conditions and hence efficiency.

The HR can also ensure that there is great attractiveness in the product that is offered by the organization. This is through employment of good and qualified staff that will help in branding the product and making it very attractive.

The HR department has various roles in employment practice that will ensure the goals of the organization are achieved. The HR can either choose to increase or decrease the number of employees so that there can be realization of the company’s goals. Incase there is an increase in sales and production then the HR will employ more so that they can meet the required demands (Prescott, (2012). On the other hand if there is a decrease in the sales or production the HR will recruit less so that the organization will not suffer any losses. Incase the goals of an organization is to take up new ventures then the HR will be required to recruit new kills or knowledge into the organization.


It is therefore evident that the HR department is very important for the general success in an organization. The HR department has also been termed as the bridge between all the other departments in an organization and hence the overall success in an organization.


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