History Analytical Essay of Kit Carson



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History- Analytical Essay of Kit CarsonKit Carson must have been a very intelligent fellow especially considering his ability to fluently speak Spanish tongue and other natural abilities such as successful operation that he carried out. His education was very natural since he gained it from what he experienced. He gained a lot from his wilderness life than any other student who underwent formal education. Kit was an intelligent fighter who would not expose himself to the enemies particularly when he decides to sleep away from the fireplace where he can be seen by enemies. His intelligence can also be seen when by his quiet but very keen habit (Abbot 30-35).

Kit enjoyed adventuring so much that even after walking through the wilderness and reaching Santa Fe, he still wanted to go to other places such as Chihuahua. Travelling and interpretation was one of Kit’s favorite jobs that made his desire to adventure even more successful. Kit Carson was always fully armed and ready to either confront the enemy or skillfully hunt with his tools such as butcher knife tomahawk. Kit was very courage since he could reluctantly sleep in the wilderness without any fear since he believed in himself. He really loved excursions and was business oriented since he could kill animals and preserve their skins ready for sale. According to Abbot “Kit Carson’s power in quickly conceiving the safest plan of action in difficult emergencies” (69).

The attack by Indians by applying their tactical skills and less superior weapons against the party of eighteen trappers who had sophisticated weapons such as rifles was really interesting. Young’s skills and capabilities in war made Mr. Young to trust him in the revenge mission where they successfully defeated the Indians. Even after meeting the kind strangers who were also hunters and trappers from Canada, kit did not hesitate to carefully ask them questions that he deemed important to him. Carson approached war with lots of skills and intelligence but not depending on his physical abilities.

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