Historical Persons





Historical Persons

Many people throughout the history of our country have made tremendous contributions to the growth of the country and its people. Without many of these people, the world as we know it today would be quite different. Although they lived many years ago, their words and actions still inspire people to become better than they were before. If I were to invite some of these influential men and women of history to a dinner party, I would certainly be spoilt for choice. Some of them lived through events such as the civil war which are famous landmarks in the history of the United States and the world in general. My three picks would be Fredrick Douglass, Thomas Jefferson and Malcolm X. I would have many questions to ask them regarding their significant contributions to equality and leadership in this country, which I would like to learn about.

Fredrick Douglass is famed for the part he played in the fight against slavery, having been a former slave himself. The first thing would be curious to find out from Douglass is his experience as a slave. I would ask him what he did during his time as a slave because many of the slaves were subjected to hard labour and whippings in the plantations. The slaves were also treated quite inhumanely by the slave masters, and I would ask Douglass what made him persevere through the rough treatment (Douglass). Another thing that I would ask him is how he came to be a slave in the first place, did he feel like he had a choice or was he born into it? In addition to this, I would ask how he managed to escape being a slave and become one of the most famous abolitionists.

The second person I would love to have to dinner is Thomas Jefferson, mostly because he was the President of the United States between 1801 and 1809. To meet a former president would doubtlessly be an honour, but Jefferson is remembered for leading the country out of the colonization of Britain at the time. Before the American Revolution, the United States was under the rule of Great Britain. Among the things that I would ask Jefferson is what inspired him to lead the country out of colonial rule and make several revolutionary resolutions during the enlightenment such as the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions (Jefferson). I would also ask him why he preached the equality of all men while at the same time being the owner of numerous slaves.

The third person I would be intrigued to have a conversation with over dinner would be Malcolm X. he is most famous for his activism for the equality of black people in the United States in the 1960s. Before this, he was imprisoned for ten years during which he embraced Islam among other beliefs of black supremacy and the fight against racial integration. The first thing I would ask Malcolm X is what led him to engage in the criminal activities that led to him being jailed. Also, I would like to know what made him embrace the Nation of Islam group in which he was a leader during and after his time in prison. I am also curious as to what led him to abandon the group after having taken pride in the many things he did within the group.

In conclusion, the three men remain well known for their significant contributions in the country, including the fight for equality, especially for the black people. Jefferson is one of the highly regarded presidents of the country. Meeting all of them would be an excellent opportunity to learn about their inspirations and experiences.

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