Historical Events in America this Year


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Historical Events in America this Year

America is one of the countries globally that has proven to be strong. This year, people around the world and within America have witnessed various activities that can back up this fact. The year began with an onset of the coronavirus pandemic. This altered almost all activities that used to take place within America and the rest of the world. Other multiple activities took place after the onset of America. The famous ones are the murder of George Floyd by a police officer who was on duty with his three other colleagues, the campaigns that were all over America about various government position, and the election which the whole world had been waiting for so that they can know who the next president and the vice president-elect of America will be. In the same year, the elections took place, and the results were out. Joe Biden emerged as the winner of the presidential seat while Kamala Harris won the vise president post. On the other hand, up to date, Trump fails to accept the fact that he lost the presidential seat to Joe Biden.

The onset of the corona pandemic forced the government to alter several beneficial activities to the American citizens and the economy in general. As a way of managing the condition, the national government, in conjunction with the local government, had informed the citizens that they are supposed to cease conducting most of their physical activities such as lessons and shopping, among others (Bai). Personally, this idea affected me since I was not conversant with attending lessons online. I had learned how to use various online equipment, which the school instructed that its students are supposed to use while at home. It took me some time before I became conversant. It was mandatory, so I had to enroll in online lessons as soon as possible.

The idea of social distancing to manage the spread of COVID-19 affected my life in general. This is evident whereby I was used to meeting with friends in public places and doing various activities such as shopping and watching multiple matches. At the same time, I was free from other physical activities. With the government’s instructions, all these had to stop or be changed by the residents within America. I adhered to all the requirements of managing the coronavirus’s spread within America and the world, such as wearing a face mask and staying indoors during the past few months.

The election of Joe Biden is another activity that happened in this country that is essential. The presidential elect deserves the position since he and his crew were determined to win the election. This was evident in the campaigns conducted in various regions within America (Glueck and Kaplan). On the other hand, Kamala Harris won the vice president position. The whole world and America, in particular, will remember this event since it was historical. This is the first time immemorial when a lady who vied for the vice president seat won the election. This is one factor that can back up the idea that America is strong and will keep on making achievements. The fact that Trump has not yet accepted the defeat is not a big deal since Joe Biden won the election using legal means.

Apart from the election and the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, America has also gone through the effects of the murder of George Floyd by a police officer who was on duty and three other colleagues from the police department. Floyd’s death made several American citizens demonstrate on the streets as a way of rebuking the act by the four police officers (Cobb). The world also joined the American demonstrators globally to rebuke the killing of George Floyd, who was African American. One of the reasons why Americans and the rest of the world demonstrated Floyd’s death is that the police department in various nations is well known for their brutal activities on people who are of African origin or dark-skinned. The activities of the demonstrators amazed me. Even with the rapid spread of the coronavirus and the government informing American citizens to avoid crowded areas, people still defied the rule of social distancing as a way of practicing freedom of expression within America and the world.

I can make a difference in my society using various ways. My community is supposed to know that whenever they defy the rules of controlling the coronavirus’s spread, they have a high probability of contracting the disease caused by the virus. Creating awareness in my society can make several individuals adhere to government rules, thus minimizing the spread of COVID-19.

Voting is essential in every society. Every member of the society who fits the requirement of a voter is supposed to participate in elections. Participation in an election is one of how Americans express their freedom, which is essential. My vote can make a difference to enlighten my society that they are supposed to participate in the election activities instead of participating in the registration activities and ignoring the elections. Voting is one way people use to represent their opinions, and it has been a culture within America for several years.

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