HIST 1378- Professor Tillery

HIST 1378- Professor Tillery

Paper 2- Due Thursday April 30, by 11:59 pm (electronic submission in blackboard)

PROMPT: World War II marked a turning point in American foreign policy goals as the United States entered an enduring Cold War with the Soviet Union. In your essay, please compare major foreign policy initiatives in the interwar years (1920s and 1930s) with those that arose in the postwar years (Late-1940s, 1950s, and 1960s). Please discuss at least two policy details from each era, and defend their importance by providing and analyzing thorough examples from lecture notes and the textbook (you MUST use both).

As always, if you have ideas about possible factors and want to run them by me, feel free to reach out. However, if you reach out to me to say, “what are some factors I can use?” I will simply ignore your email. Put in some effort before reaching out to me.

In developing your paper, you must have an argument that addresses the assignment question and underline that argument. If you cannot clearly explain your position, and underline that argument, how do you expect your TA to know your argument? Your paper will be penalized if you do not underline your argument. Your thesis statement does not exist outside of your introductory paragraph, ergo you should not be underlining anything outside of your introductory paragraph.

You must also cite your evidence (material you are using from lecture or the textbook) with footnotes (< ahem, ahem, here is an example). If you improperly use footnotes, i.e. put your sources as a simple footer, you will be penalized. Any use of internet sources or texts not assigned for this course will result in a 0 on the assignment and may be grounds for Academic Misconduct.

REQUIREMENTS: Your paper must be:

900-1200 words

11 or 12 pt font

Times New Roman


and have 1” margins (be sure to check the default settings in your word program)

please no title pages, they are wholly unnecessary


The Paper is due at or before 11:59 pm on Thursday April 29. You will submit this paper to the blackboard “Paper Assignment 3” link on the lecture course home page.

Be sure that you receive an emailed receipt from Turnitin confirming your submission. If you do not get a receipt- your paper is not submitted and late penalties will apply. Your electronic submission will note the time you uploaded your paper.

If you wait until 11:58 pm to begin the upload process, do not be shocked when you encounter problems with heavy internet traffic and then your paper is late. Procrastination is not a valid excuse to avoid penalties.

NO emailed papers to the TA or instructor will be accepted.

Late papers will be penalized 10 points per 24 hours, a 10-point penalty will be assigned beginning at 12:01 am May 1, 20 points, beginning at 12:01 am May 2, and 30 points, beginning at 12:01am May 3. Papers will no longer be accepted after 11:00 pm May 4.

Please read the below “Academic Honesty Pledge”. All Students are responsible for knowing the University’s Academic Honesty Policy and following the specific Academic Honesty Pledge outlined below.

Academic Honesty Pledge:

This document is intended to remind any students who wait until the last minute to work on a college assignment: Do not make a poor and regrettable decision that will tarnish your academic credentials and academic future (i.e. do not use someone else’s ideas/paper and call it your own).

I acknowledge that:

The ideas included in this paper are mine, and mine alone

I did not use any internet sources to help me write this paper

I did not seek nor provide assistance to current students in any of Tillery’s History courses while writing this paper

I did not seek the assistance of former students of Tillery’s history courses to write this paper

I did not pay someone to write this paper for me

I understand if any part of this paper is plagiarized, I will be caught

The penalty for violating the academic honesty policy in this course: 0 on assignment, F in course

All students are responsible for upholding the academic integrity of the University educational environment. Students who fail to uphold this academic integrity will be referred to the University’s Academic Affairs officer within the Provost Office.