Hiring Manager Challenge


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Hiring Manager Challenge

Dear Sir,

Greetings to you. I hope this email finds you well.

As requested, I have reviewed the resumes and selected two candidates as you instructed. I write to present to you the list of candidates that I think will be most suitable for the position as well as the least qualified candidate. I have settled for Dominique and Carolina as the best fit for this position and Federico as the least qualified candidate.

I selected Dominique and Caroline as their resume stood out and appealed to me as the most qualified candidates. Dominique’s resume demonstrates that he has had vast work experience in administrative positions. Dominique also possesses the necessary skills that this position requires. Additionally, Dominique demonstrated the outcomes of his previous positions. He noted that he had been awarded multiple opportunity grants, which paints him as a result-oriented candidate. I also think Carolina would be a good fit for the position as her resume demonstrates that she has the required skill-set for the position. Worth noting that Carolina is a good fit as her employment history is consistent with this position. There are no gaps in her employment as she has been in employment since 2014. She is organized and dedicated, qualities that are critical for this position. The fact that she is interested in interactions with county bureaucracy gives her an advantage in holding the position at any department in Plantation City. I would recommend not forwarding Federico’s name to the HR department as she would not be a good fit for the position. His resume is not as comprehensive as the rest and leaves much to be desired. Although the candidate has vast volunteer experience, it is not enough for him to acquire the position because his employment history is not related to the position at hand. Federico has skills, but they would not apply to the position he is seeking.

I recommend proceeding with Carolina and Dominique to the interview stage and eliminating Federico from the race.

I look forward to your response.