Hello Tracy

Hello Tracy Smith,

Insightful post! I have read your post, and I concur with all your points in this piece. I also like the way you presented your thoughts and experiences through text to show more of your side, which I feel makes you stronger in this post. Medication errors and patient safety are global public health issues and national priorities. The world health organization has three key patient initiatives and a challenge—medication without harm. The three key areas are high-risk situations, polypharmacy and care transitions. I also agree with your three main points in the article. I know too well about medication errors and patient safety being a global public health issue. I have been personally affected by medication errors in my life. Recently I was sent a letter asking me to see my doctor urgently. The letter claims that I am at risk of liver damage and that I need urgent tests. The letter has a letterhead from the hospital, and my medical records are in the hospital, which means this is not a scam; however, there is no medical reason for me to have these tests. While it can’t be ruled out, the test results were negative, and I did not need to be seen by the doctor that sent me this letter. This experience demonstrates how incorrect information can lead to severe consequences.