Hello Jeannette Cosom

Hello Jeannette Cosom,

Insightful post! I like how you have comprehensively and briefly described storming as the most challenging stage of the five stages of group and team development. I concur with you that the storming stage can be difficult for new group development. I find it interesting that you have indicated that the emergence of individual personalities leads to a lot of energy being generated for unproductive work. I agree that individual personalities are of great benefit. Just as you have indicated, I think that strong personalities can emerge as a result of the highly energized environment generated in the storming stage. When I was part of a team at work, occasionally someone would come up with an idea that had never been considered before by others. The idea would be met with resistance by some individuals, and it can become challenging to come to a consensus on the idea. Eventually, the group would be able to agree on supporting or rejecting the idea through thorough discussion. I also think that clear identification of group goals is paramount to motivating the members and keeping them focused.