Competitive Strategies

Determine how each corporate culture differs from the other

PepsiCo provides best option for the initial responsibility along with culture, which encourages initiative, risk taking as well as access towards the decision makers, says single insider. PepsiCo has the professional however fun corporate environment in that the employees have been free of pursuing their objectives without “burden of the excessive structure.”

‘Casual’ & ‘collegial’ culture has been headed through the senior management ‘focused to hear questions and ideas’ of their junior colleagues CITATION Tom03 l 1033 (Costello, 2003). Pepsi has also been the organization of the candor and reality. PepsiCo has been in the diversity that they have welcomed and then actively recruited the people of color along with provided them the initial option for advancement.

Diversity has been at heart of the Coca Cola business. They have been striving towards creating the work culture, which gives all their associates similar access towards information, development and opportunity.

Through building the inclusive workplace culture, they have been seeking towards leveraging their global team of associates that has been quite rich in diverse people, talent & ideas. They see diversity being much more than simply policies and practices. This has been the important part of which they have been as the organization, how they operate and how they see their future.

Being the global business, their ability of understanding, embracing as well as operating in the multicultural environment, both in marketplace and at has been critical to their long term sustainability and, particularly, impacts their capability of meeting their Vision of 2020 i.e. People objectives.

Key difference within the Coke and Pepsi has been their history along with how they efforts, particularly with the advertising, came towards defining every brand CITATION Coc12 l 1033 (Coca-cola vs. Pepsi: The Economics behind Coke’s Dominance, 2012). Coca Cola had been launched in the 1885 by the pharmacist called John Stith Pemberton and had been recommended as the tonic. Coca Cola has much stronger taste and on the other hand Pepsi has the sweet taste.

Analyze three (3) ways that each unique culture has benefited by the other’s competition

I think advertisement along with diversity, as each one of them has been willing to be top of soft drink market. Organizational culture has been featured value, traditions as well as behaviors the organizations employees share. The value has been the basic belief of what has been right or wrong or of what we must or must not do.

The organizations culture shows itself in many ways. We may see pattern of behavior of the employees along with physical manifestation so the organizations behavior like the rules, the office layout, and organizational structure & ethic codes.

Speculate how each would continue to thrive if its current corporate culture would need to change in the near future. Be sure to state what change(s) you are speculating on and what led you to identify that possibility

Changes, which I speculate go back towards advertising to reach the broader market. Nowadays Coke has still been leading Pepsi; I feel that this would remain in such a manner as Coke has been much more diverse. Till Pepsi tap within that all fields in which they remain behind as it has only been the start for Coke.

Strong corporate environment would in addition differentiate the company within the competitors as well as giving companies the capability of sustaining the long term competitive benefit with the entire better business performance. They have the capability of adapting along with changing as it will make the bigger difference for each.

With the faster changing competitive culture, the economic uncertainty, advances within the technology along with globalization, culture has been the essential element for the company for distinguishing itself from the competitors. Quite some organizations have been good at creating the strong corporate environment.

There has still been much of room for improvement. Clear communication has been the essential to developing the culture. Top management may dramatically increase the company’s position relative to the competitors when this communicates their commitment towards building as well as managing the strong corporate environment & making those thoughts transparent to all the employees.

This may be a foundation of forming the values and the assumptions uncommon to one company shared through all of their employees. Culture takes time so as to be developed. Putting in the additional time along with effort while developing the strong culture would pay off big dividends in longer run; execution of the strategy would follow by smoothly providing the company a powerful competitive benefit.

As communication has been quite essential in developing as well as managing the corporate culture, a suggestion for upcoming research could be analyzing how multinational organization managing the uncommon and regular culture within the countries.


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