Healthybods Program

Promotional Video: Healthybods Program

Our project focused on Healthybods and healthy eating. The primary method would be viral online videos that intend to foster a healthy lifestyle amongst target groups. Our primary intention is to show the need for healthy living. We begin by presenting statistics regarding people who live healthy lifestyles. Living a healthy lifestyle entails more than simply going to the doctor and taking prescribed medications. Members’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being are all influenced by elements of health and wellness, which are essential to their success.

My software of choice was the Premier Pro that allowed me to cut, paste, edit, add music, and render into different quality types. The total shooting time of the video material was about 17 minutes, and the target is a 3-minute promotional video. The rough cut first selects the shots that can be placed in the promotional film, some close-ups, large panoramas, and interesting and vivid pictures. The length of the rough cut is 4 minutes and 26 seconds.

Our video is themed on happiness as an attained scenario that uses dance to change lifestyle. The promotional video begins by celebrating healthy living. Now is the time to check out our most current wellness campaign, which recognizes actual individuals who are taking measures to enhance their emotional and mental health in their own life or in their connections with other people. The insurance firm has produced a series of documentaries addressing health themes such as working out with friends, the advantages of pets, and other such topics.

Then I pulled in the background music, trimmed the video again in alignment with the duration of the background music, and made sure that the specific duration of the clip corresponds to the screen. This process was very time consuming.

As shown in the third excerpt below, I then marked the rhythm points of the music, and then set some stepping points on the screen to match the screen. The green point is the point of hitting, it is the point where I pressed and held the m on the keyboard to mark the accent.

As shown below, I then added transitions to make transitions less blunt. I also added the overlays of the film frame, and set the fade of the picture between the two songs, so that the excessive was not so obtrusive.

We focused on presenting happy faces from the onset of the video. Our school setting makes it an ideal program for young people to adopt a culture of exercise. Many various dance styles are available, ranging from ballroom to barn dancing, disco to other forms of dancing, and everything in between. In human culture, rituals, and festivals, dance has always played a significant role, and it is likely to continue to do so in the future. The majority of dancing nowadays is done for enjoyment and self-expression, while it may also be done in a competitive setting in certain circumstances. Dancing is a fun and effective approach to increase physical activity while also maintaining a healthy weight.

In summary, I learnt that we can achieve anything we put our minds to. I found the editing process to be quite hectic and time consuming. While enjoyable, it was very tiring. I spent hours practicing and removing and adding segments from the raw footage. I learnt to be more patient, to be open to ideas, and to critique my own work. I also learnt to ask for help where I was stuck. I would say that this project was a learning experience for me. People can get a healthy body even if they don’t want to change their lifestyle. We came to this conclusion with the help of our promotional film. Music and dance have been important parts of the human experience for a long time. There are a lot of people who do these things for social and fun reasons. In spite of this, dancing may also be a good way to get fit, something that isn’t as well known or understood. Our promotional video intends to bring out the benefits of how a simple dance can change the way we live. Whether you’re dancing in a group, with a partner, or by yourself, there are many options. A number of settings, including dance schools, social events, community halls, and even the quiet of your own home, are available for you to practice your dancing. With the rise in popularity of fitness and health clubs offering dance classes as part of their group training programs, dancing has become an increasingly popular method to stay active and in shape. Dancing may be done for fun or for a sense of accomplishment via competition. Given its accessibility to people of all ages, it has the potential to be an excellent leisure and sports activity to participate in. It doesn’t matter whether it’s cold or pouring outside since most of the dancing takes place inside. The equipment you’ll need may vary depending on the kind of dance you wish to do. In order to practice tap dance, for example, you’ll need to acquire tap shoes, and in order to practice ballet, you’ll need to get ballet slippers and ballet clothes.