Healthcare regulations






Healthcare regulations

1-How Healthcare regulations affect Healthcare organizations

Different countries through their legislative systems regularly enact different laws that govern the conduct of all the health care organizations. International bodies like the World Health Organization also set standards to be observed by healthcare establishments. These laws are enacted after a research done by healthcare professions in different fields. All the healthcare organizations both public and those owned by private proprietors are expected to adhere strictly to the compliance of these regulations. Regulatory bodies are formed by the governments and tasked with the role of ensuring compliance and providing guidance. These sets of regulations affect the conduct and the activities of the different healthcare establishments.

Various aspects of healthcare organizations are affected by the regulations. Some of the regulations affect the healthcare facilities relationship with the patient. They dictate all the dos and don’ts in the physician’s relationship with the patient. This includes a set of ethical standards of which medical practitioners are obliged to meet. The patient’s privacy is highly protected by these enactments (American Medical Association, 2013). The regulations also affect the pricing of the healthcare services in the different organizations. This ensures that the services are affordable. The regulations also affect the situation of healthcare facilities especially for the private practitioners. This is to ensure a health competition among different healthcare organizations. Therefore, the regulations enacted can be said to affect the comportment in all aspects of the healthcare organizations.

2-The role and impact of government regulatory agencies on health care delivery

Role of regulatory agencies

In order to achieve regulation of the healthcare industry, the government creates agencies that implement its healthcare policies in the expansive industry. These agencies are made to regulate; the healthcare practitioners, healthcare financiers and the manufacturers of different healthcare products like pharmaceuticals. The regulation agencies have a role in scrutinizing the different and numerous activities undergoing in the health care industry. The health sector is one of the most integral sectors and hence calls for special handling with an aim of fostering a healthy nation and population. The agencies are also charged with ensuring that the services offered in the health industry are of high quality. They also regulate the competition in the industry to ensure it is healthy and it promotes quality. The bodies also oversee the national licensures which are aimed at regulating the industry.

Impact of the regulations on health care delivery

A variety of influences and impacts have been created by the regulatory agencies in the healthcare sector. Their common code of ethics that acts as a guideline to the medical practitioners has played a great role in ensuring that the values and the beliefs of the patients have not been violated by the physicians. The regulations have also eliminated plentiful inequalities that were being experienced in the health sector. This intervention has also ensured affordability as well as accessibility of medical services. Creation of a healthy competition in the health sector has seen a tremendous improvement in the quality of the services offered. On the deleterious side, the regulations have to some extent resulted in the reduction of efficiency of the healthcare industry due to the bottlenecks that have been created by excessive regulatory measures (Jerry, 2012). However, to a greater extent, the regulation of the healthcare industry has been a pro.


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