Healthcare in the United States

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Healthcare in the United States

Health care issues are diverse. Some healthcare issues are more important than others, and according to my perception, the most important health care issues include physical activity and nutrition. People in a country need to be both physically fit and feed a balanced diet. Lack of physical activity may reduce the general body functioning similar to the malnutrition. Another health issue that is of great importance includes overweight and obesity. It is with no doubt in the current society that the percentage of overweight and obese individuals has continued to increase in the United States, and this makes it a health challenge.

Tobacco and substance abuse is another health care issue that needs to be addressed by the government. So many young people are lost into substance and drug abuse such as alcohol and cocaine, which possess a significant threat to the health of a nation. HIV/AIDS and mental health cannot be left behind as being crucial in determining the health of a population as the conditions decapitate people making them dependents. Other significant health care issues include injury and violence, that may result from crime, gender-based violence, and accidents; these incidents increase the mortality rate and thus a key determinant to assessing the health of a population.

Women take care of everyone before they take care of themselves because they possess the motherly love of care and thus feel obliged to care for others before themselves. Mothers are selfless in nature, and they will always put their children and family before themselves. The American healthcare system has undergone drastic changes that include the signing and implementation of the Affordable Care Act of 2010. The act implements the regulations to make health insurance more accessible and affordable for the individuals and families across the nation. The changes will positively affect women in that it will ease the burden of healthcare financing to their loved ones. Healthcare in Los Angela uses Medi-Cal version of the federal Medicaid Program and which covers lower-income families and single adults.