Healthcare Delivery System Provider

Healthcare Delivery System Provider




Health care delivery has been one of the most important components of any state not only in the United States but also in other parts of the world. In Arizona, the speed of change in this system has been quite high and is expected to continue accelerating in the coming year. The changes have been witnessed in the places from which healthcare is purchased, the individuals providing the healthcare as well as the available healthcare types. One of the most important types of healthcare services is the medical laboratory. In Arizona, Sonora Quest Laboratories makes for some of the most recognized medical services providers.

The Sonora Quest Laboratories refers to a comprehensive laboratory system that serves more than 7000 clients who include physicians, hospitals, and employers as well as managed care organizations. It undertakes more than 70,000 diagnostic tests in a day. Its all-inclusive on-site test services range from routine testing to the obscure cytogenetic studies. It aims at providing state-of-the-art information testing and diagnostic testing.

The Sonora Quest laboratories provide quite a large number of services. It focuses on providing individuals with creative technology in laboratory medicine field aimed at enhancing the convenience, speed as well as professionalism in the services provided. This would in turn enhance the understanding of the laboratory results. Quite a number of services are provided in this respect including-:

Finding locations and booking or scheduling of appointments- with the numerous patient service centers situated in varied locations, the Sonora Quest Laboratories website allows for ease of locating them thereby enhancing the convenience. In addition, booking or booking of appointments with the laboratories’ staff would be easy with the web-based service. Note however, that the appointments would not be available on Saturdays or same-days.

Reference materials- the website provides helpful information pertaining to laboratory testing and Medicare. You could always refer to the comprehensive collection instructions if you will be collecting samples of your laboratory testing home. These could include 24 hour Urine Collections and Glucose Tolerance Testing when you would need to be well prepared before collecting the samples.

Online Pay Bill- you can always pay your laboratory services bill online with eCheck or major credit cards. In addition, it will be possible to manage or control the transactions of your account or even modify your password. It is important to acknowledge however, that any payments made would require to be processed overnight. In this case, the payment may not be shown up until the subsequent business day.

Given the role played by insurance companies in settling bills of patients, the website would also allow an individual to update his or her insurance information. This allows for convenience as well as efficiency in the delivery of services.

Sonora Quest Laboratories understand the importance of continuum of care for any medical services provider. Continuum of care refers to a comprehensive system of care, which directs and tracks the patient over a period of time via an all-inclusive range of health services touching every level of care intensity. It aims at coming up with a concept that would enhance leadership by providing the guidelines and a framework guiding the decision-making in the organization. Having in mind that laboratory services make up part of every-day care provided to patients, the importance of accurate and timely results in the maintenance of the patient’s health as well as monitoring the progress cannot be underestimated. In this regard, the website incorporates a collection guide to which the patients can refer for any questions pertaining to the specimen requirements as well as submission. In addition, you can order for this guide’s hard copy for more convenience. For reference on common hematology, coagulation, urinalysis and chemistry tests, the website incorporates some adult normal reference ranges. The patients could also look for information on the Medicare diagnosis code or even print off their individual policies.

In addition, the website incorporates a searchable test menu, which offers wide-ranging reference information pertaining to the many tests that are offered in the laboratories. These include CPT codes, broad specimen requirements for particular methodologies, methodology information as well as considerations for specimen transport. The provided CPT codes are based on the AMA guidelines but are only used for providing information.

Reflex testing services provided by the Sonora Quest Laboratories are categorized in three classes, which are standard reflex tests, client specific reflex test and standard required reflex tests. A client would order for reflex testing to be carried out when they need extra tests automatically performed in case the first test’s results meet or are beyond the particular criteria. The range would be determined either by the medical experts or by the client.

This website would play a very crucial role not only in enhancing knowledge on the laboratory services providers in the locality but also the services that one should expect to find in Arizona. On the locations and scheduling part of the website, one would find a complete list of the patent service centers, drug screen collection sites as well as semen analysis collection sites and procedure. Still on the same website, you have quite a number of maps on the centers and in varied parts of Arizona.

In providing a better understanding on the particular services provided in the state, quite a wide range of educational information and materials are provided. Patient literature in downloadable form as well as in form of brochures is also available. The patient would only need to place an order for brochures and they will be delivered to their offices. Quite a wide range of topics is covered in this respect including cardiovascular diseases, Celiac Disease, prenatal testing, diabetes, allergies and allergy testing, Medicare, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and prostate cancer. By providing this information, the website would make it very easy for the patients to navigate and find any information that they would require on any particular issue.

There is a wide range of ways in which an individual would use this site in accessing or fulfilling his or her healthcare needs. You could use it to determine the particular locations where its branches are in the locality. Gaining knowledge on particular ailments as well as their testing would also be easy with the website. In addition, an individual would use it to determine where particular testing procedures would be carried out.


With technological advancement seen in the recent times, healthcare facilities have not been left behind in establishing websites for themselves. The Sonora Quest Laboratories has optimized the internet not only in easing the process of locating its branches but also the areas where particular services are provided.