Health Services Strategic Marketing

Health Services Strategic Marketing

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Strategy is the planned use of resources to realize objectives, something that business and competition have in common. Health care professionals should understand healthcare industry is one of the most difficult equipped environments. This is because of emerging changes, trends, fears, renewed focus on quality, emergence of social marketing, results and prevention. The managers demand big returns and high impact form marketing professionals and marketing investments as they align their efforts with strategic objectives, the incorporation of communications across several channels and platforms and customer experience. This study provides proven methods to proactive health care marketing with the actions taken, strategies, techniques and method to move markets and increase awareness, visibility, understanding, profitability and market share (Berkowitz, 2006).

The health marketers should realize health care industry to be complex, so that they can find ways to respond better to the increasing strategic demands in modern days. This way they can be able to direct their organizations to respond to the new economic, competitive and reform-related challenges such as engaging patients with healthy habits, solidifying and leveraging physician relationships, Delivering exceptional patient experiences, managing the transition from volume to value, Increasing customer engagement, responsiveness, and loyalty and Innovating for long-term success. A pricing market strategy that includes setting prices as per the current market price is known as Going-rate pricing. It has less or no consideration for internal costs and the margin required. A business organization should know that the utility it provides the more the cost of organization for instance, in health organizations, there is a period value given regarding the additional support goods often needed for the running of the organization such as durable medical equipment or pharmaceuticals (Berkowitz, 2006).

Ries and Jack argue that customer oriented philosophy is not adequate, and firms excel when they become competitor oriented. Ries and Jack try to apply the principle of military to business situations with competing firms measured as parallel to sides in a military conflict, and market share measured as parallel to the area which is being battled over. Success is determined by the way, organizations battle with competitors for share market. In a description, military business strategy, Ries and Jack claims that for an effective strategy: first searches and withdraws to find out opponents’ strengths in the market. Later it forces opponents to extend their commitments, as well as focuses incomes, attacks a clear coverage, overpowers a selected market section, builds a bridgehead in that market, and then expands and regroups from that foundation to direct a wider field (Ries & Trout, 2010).

The LearnScapes creates immersive world with office setting and photorealistic healthcare and facilities, complete with various floors and supporting both characters in consulting firms and the Health Care System. The consulting firm’s gains information from the above characters, beside other resources, to evaluate the Health Care System’s marketing requirements and strategy and make proposals. For instance, the Bright road health system, which has experienced losing trend in patients, has hired mystery shoppers to investigate and understand the patient’s views regarding the health care. A health care marketing expert is hired to work at the Health Care System in different areas of to make marketing recommendations in the areas of positioning, differentiation, customer preservation, and market awareness. The learnscape starts by staying relevant, engaging with patients, recovering and finally auditing the health firm to know how they are doing. The audit show whether the marketing strategies have good returns on investment. In the study case of the road health care, the students being the object will choose people to do with the research (Learning, 2011).

Executives view marketing as a sector that comes into action after a product has been made and the only task remaining is to sell it. Marketing is setting the strategic trend of the firm. Marketing is viewed as marketing and innovation. According to Philip Kottler, Executives view marketing as a sector that comes into action after a product has been made and the only task remaining is to sell it. Marketing is setting the strategic trend of the firm. Marketing is viewed as marketing and innovation according to Philip Kottler.

Recently most business strategist’s emphasis on considerable synergies and competitive advantage can be gained from partnering, collaboration and co-operation. They stress on how to grow the market and this are the business theories vicissitudes. Finally, a recent involvement for using marketing strategies and understanding is the image of business war game.


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