Health plan for Quadraplegic Solidiers

Quadriplegic Soldiers




Quadriplegic is refers to as paralysis of four limbs and it’s caused by illness or spinal cord injury to human beings in which results in partial or total loss of the use their four limbs. Mostly soldiers obtain these sorts of injuries during their working time and may end up subject them to this type of disabilities known as a quadriplegic and also can be referred to as quadriplegia. As to soldiers these sort of injuries mostly are obtainable during working time as the soldiers were in a time of a civilian war or in the terms of protecting their nation against any other security issues or purposes to defending their national country. We have to implement good occupational health safety issues that will create a good compensational Act rule. This rule will full guard and secure all soldiers in their injuries and a correct compensation to be done to the injured soldier as per extent damage of the injury.


The responsible department should implement and introduce a well-designed art health facility that is well equipped to offer diagnosis and treatment services for the injured soldiers’. This crucial facility should have ample space to house all facilities and recommended staff to cater for the treating of the injuries that may lead to this sort of disability known as a quadriplegic. After treatment, these soldiers should not be allowed to go back to their home. An implementation should be done as hiring of enough nurses to look after them up to their full recovery. By doing this will suicide incidences in which many had occurred due to soldiers realized back home after treatment.

Firstly we have to implement workplace equipment adaptation grant. These sorts of grants will assist them in purchasing the right equipment in which will adapt with the working premises. For example the quadriplegic soldiers all locomotive facilities which will assist them in moving from one place to another. Also they can be used for adjustments of facilities e.g. toilets will be adjusted to fit exactly to their disability situation and be helpful to them in the time they are helping themselves for either short calls or long calls. Door to be adjusted from manual to automatic. These Grants should be able to finance adaptation equipment such as voice synthesizers for telephones or for computers to help them in communication within their working departments.

Also we have to implement a disability training awareness grants scheme in which will facilities to hire and employ the best and qualify trainers in order to offer the best training services on the quadriplegic soldiers’ in which will change their negative thinking on their disability status and be part and parcel as to other normally human or the other staffs at work. .Also, these grant scheme will help to purchase training material and equipment that will help and assist the trainers to facilitate effective training on them in order to improve their health well-being in either physical or mental. Also, the importance of awareness is to make the disable to overcome fear and any other negative attitudes.

Another implementation to be done is job allocation. Due to their disability may hinder them from performing their duties like before therefore by allocating in either in office jobs in within the forces department like monitoring CCTV or telephone calls handling may be easier for them to perform the office duties than the duties of general soldiers.

Also, we can incorporate them to feel like part and parcel of the forces by implementing employment and disability allowances payments. By giving them allowances due their kind of disability, it helps them to cater for their regularly health checkups. May the injuries were obtained from their work then it can be expounded and further implemented in occupational injuries benefits scheme and rehabilitative work and compensation to be done according to the degree of the injury.

By implementing disable discrimination law acts in which it will guard the disable or quadriplegic soldiers at the place of work from any sort of any harassment or discriminated by fellow soldiers either directly or indirectly. Directly discrimination at a place of work it’s whereby staffs are treating another staff with disability less favorably than others while indirect discrimination it’s where by someone puts rules that apply to everyone not considering health issues of other staffs or soldiers.


By implementing and creating a good working environment for the disable soldiers within the workforce will portray a good image to all people within the Nation in which will create people wishing to join the army in orders to serve for their in matters concerning security. It also encourages people to see that it’s a better place to work for which it will be much easier to seek for recruiters in order to fill the gaps of the retired soldiers or who died during their time of work.


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