Health Care Reform (ACA) and how Affordable Care Act offers the United States citizens with superior health security





Health Care Reform (ACA)


Affordable Care Act offers the United States citizens with superior health security by establishing complete health insurance improvements that can increase coverage, hold insurance corporations answerable, promise additional choice, and improve the quality of care for the American people. The Act was approved by the Congress and then put into law in 2010. According to the American constitution, this reform is believed to be unconstitutional. Therefore, it is expected to have a number of effects to patients, doctors, and the general public. ACA has numerous pages of requirements that provide additional rights to the citizens (Tate 85). The paper will mainly discuss a reform proposal for some aspect of the American political and government system.


Since the signing Affordable Care Act into law, the government has worked with other responsible parties to establish major implementation precedence and offer the assistance required to prepare for the important improvements to Medicaid. The act ensures that there is minimum Medicaid income desirable level to all the poor Americans. For instance, the federal government stated that it will start funding all the desirable adults at the start of 2014. Additionally, it expects to phase down more than 90 percent at the end of 2020. Conversely, this reform is anticipated to have a number of effects to patients, doctors, and the general public hence this creates the need to have an attractive health care reform.

Health care reform

The most appropriate health care reform is the reduction of the authorities of the Congress to control, authorize, ban, or tax the personal health care insurance for any individual. The above reform will make the Act to be constitutional as it is currently considered as unconstitutional. Therefore, without the enactment and implementation of this reform proposal, Affordable Care Act is expected to have more effects in the patients, doctors and the general public.

The unconstitutional of ACA

Affordable Care Act is considered to be unconstitutional because it does not have the severability clause which was supposed to be introduced by the Congress. Therefore, this law is currently being disputed in Florida case. The two disputed issues in the ACA include the provision that provision that every individual must purchase insurance and the expansion of Medicaid.

Effects of the Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act will have a number of effects to the doctors, patients and the general public. For instance, general practitioners will have to face additional government regulations and supervision. They will also entirely depend on the funds provided by the government, which is always considered as unpredictable. According to a number of researches carried out, many doctors are not positive about the future of medicine (Moffat, para 1). Some had also stated that they would consider moving out of the health programs organized and supported by the government. This Act does not significantly change the whole outline of the government’s system doctor payment. Instead, it improves their achievements and creates additional regulatory restrictions. For instance, at the start of 2010, a new law which does not have enough exceptions will ban medical practitioners from referring patients to their hospitals. Since the doctors will depend in the funds provided by the government, there will not be enough medicine to take care of the patients. Other restrictions on the doctors will also affect the general public since this is expected to affect the quality of health care.


Considering the numerous effects of Affordable Care Act, it would be necessary for the government to consider implementing the provided health care reform. This is expected to improve the quality of health care to all the American citizens. The reform is also anticipated to provide answers to the current debate on the viability of this Act.

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