Health and Aging Defend your case on whether nutrition or exercise is best for elders

Health and Aging: Defend your case on whether nutrition or exercise is best for elders


Health for the aging population in the society is a key factor for the welfare of their continued life journey on earth. Health is a priority factor that should be kept at par at all time and for every age; whether young or old. Health can be maintained at optimum level by eating right and undergoing plenty of exercises. Eating a balanced diet helps to maintain good immunity for the body in fighting against diseases.

Nutrition is efficient for the aging population. Nutrition can be achieved through eating a balanced diet. A balanced diet comprises of the following foods; proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats and fibers (Armeda & Rebecca, n.p). Developing an eating plan that accommodates all the above content aids an aged individual to develop a strong immunity that can fight against any chronic disease. Having plenty of fruits will help in developing a strong immunity that can fight against any possible significance of the disease. Fruits are rich in vitamin C and plenty of fibers.

On the other hand, having plenty of exercises is good for the aged. Exercises help to fight against toxins that cause diseases and harm to the bodies of the aged. Having plenty of jogging and gym classes assists the aging population to excrete these toxins and develop young looks. It eases off the skin and makes a person to shine better and brighter.


Health is eminent for the aging population. This can be achieved through eating right and living well. Nutrition and exercises go together because of their interdependence; one is meant to add value to the body, while the other one excretes excessive toxins from the body.Works Cited;

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