HDEV 321



Final Analysis Paper Review: This final critical paper will be approximately 7-10 pages (notincluding the cover or reference page). For this paper, you will analyze something fromthe media (widely understood) by considering how it engages with and represents (ordoes not) race, class, and gender. You will post your topic in Blackboard and I will letyou know if it is appropriate or not. You will use theories from pick from our coursereadings and draw from their theoretical perspective to analyze a topic of your choice. Inaddition to focusing on theories from the class, you will cite at least 3 outside sourcesfound in refereed academic journals. Your citations should include references to both thetheorists you are focusing on and theempirical area you are critiquing. The paper willfollow a standard essay format (cover page, introduction, body, conclusion and APAreference page). If you have any questions or concerns about the paper, feel free to emailme at any time. I encourage you to choose a topic you are interested in learning moreabout.