HBOs In Treatment





In treatment

1).Paul’s therapeutic style (the use of directiveness and judgmental acceptance)

Directiveness and judgment acceptance is one of the techniques used by therapists during treatment. Paul applies this style with all his patients making viewers have a better understanding of the method. This technique is unique in that it encourages confrontational reactions from the patients. This brings out the true feelings of individual patients who are placed between a rock and a hard place. Paul’s patients are different but show the same type of characteristics when this technique is applied. One of the reactions involves the display of denial which is triggered by the lack of acceptance. Patients learn how to deal with their issues directly making them have more strength to move forward.

2).Examples of specific therapeutic techniques that Paul uses in therapy discussed in class

Paul uses the Alderian technique during his sessions. This involves using positive aspects of a patient’s life so as to remind them of their value. Paul makes the patient discover the significance of recovering from their issues. This gives the patients a goal to achieve thus makes them have something that they can apply their effort.

Another therapeutic method is psychoanalysis of patients. This is used to determine the inception of the problem. This method is ideal in that it allows for the patient to have a second chance at approaching their demons. Psychoanalytic therapy is not the first method that therapists conduct on their patients. It is however recommended for treatments that seem to remain stagnant for a period of time.

3).Explain Sophie’s problems and behavior using concepts discussed in class

Sophie is the youngest patient that Paul has. Her case is different from the rest of the patients in that it is reflective of a majority of teenagers in the country. Sophie’s case is however more intense in that her parents have affected her actions in school. She thus becomes unstable and acts up by looking for love from someone else. Sophie takes advantage of her coach’s affection making her situation more complex. Her behavior is wanting in that she displays suicidal tendencies. This distracts her from school life making her live an alternative life from her peers.

4).Which theoretical orientation may be best used to characterize Paul’s therapy technique, explain Sophie’s problems

Paul’s therapy techniques changes with different patients. In Sophie’s case, Paul lets her talk about her life in general. This consists of her relationship with her parents, friends and teacher. Paul asks to speak to her parents so as to find out the root of the problem. This involves conducting an analysis of her behavior and reactions to certain elements. One of the problems is that Sophie tries to solve her parent’s problems. Paul assures her that she should not try to be the parent and be the child.

5).What treatment techniques would you use that Paul did not use

The treatment techniques that I would use that Paul did not use is hypnotism. I would hypnotize Sophie’s so as to trace the time that she started acting up. Hypnosis is reserved for severe cases; Sophie’s condition may be downplayed due to its resemblance with other situations. A close look at her reaction to different occurrences shows the crucial state of her health. Going back to the time she was happy can unravel the events that occurred prior to her behavioral change. This would assist Paul to rectify the issue at hand.