Haya Assignment II

Haya Assignment II

Question 1

At fast the obj_wall was added as a collision event that needed the box to stop and be static by including a move fixed action and selecting the middle square with speed of 0.so this would have activated the middle square (Habgood, J., & Overmars, M, 2006). The obj_koala is created and given actions that allow the player to move the pop around the screen.

Making obj_wall the parent of obj_koala has the advantage such that obj_koala inherits the characteristics of obj_wall which reduces the programmer’s work that is obj_koala takes for example the collision action from obj_wall which it will integrate with its characteristics such as moving the pop around the screen.

The disadvantage is that in case of any changes you need to make to the obj_wall you have to make the same change in the obj_koala which makes it cumbersome to programmers and big loss of time.

Question 2

The fact that most computing professionals are white male has got great impact and they affect both positively and negatively. In this, both the blacks who are said to be ‘black folks’ and the white women will be affected. For the black folks, they will be affected negatively such that the technology will not go ‘through them’ as noted. This might drag the US technology as they say many hands are stronger per the context. Again the technology will be dragged where these is brain drain. As for the white female, they may be affected positively such that they are with their white men so they will not give a big impact to the US technology. This is may be termed as ‘precipitate’.

The impact it has as an individual is that it drags the US technology to a big extended to be seen. So what has to be done is involve every individual in computing of technology in the US.

Q2: GML script


Var numb;

numb = get_interger (“ the number to be used for rating that is either Platinum, gold, silver or none”)

if { {

for (numb > = 9 ) } // award platinum if rating is 9 and up

show _ message (‘ Award level Platinum’) ;

else if {

for ( (numb > = 8 ) && (numb < 9) ) } // award gold if the rating is 8 and up

show _ message ( ‘ Award level Gold ‘ ) ;

else if {

for ( ( numb > = 7 ) && ( numb < 8 ) ) } // award silver if the rating is 7 and up

show _ message ( ‘ Award level Silver ‘ ) ;

else show _ message ( ‘ Award level none ‘ ) ; // this shows none when point is less than seven


Question 4

Algorithm for legal play in Tic Tac Toe

Step 1 Creating sprites, sound effects and a background: starts a new game, two sprite are created using the file Stone1.gif and Stone2.gif, background is created using the file Background.bmp and the files Place.wav, Lose.wav, Draw.wav and Win.wav are used to create sound effects (Hayes, E. R., & Games, I. A, 2008).

Step 2; this step involves creating a font for example Comic Sans MS with size 16 and bold. The font selected should be nice.

Step 3 this step involves creating the field object and the room. This step involves creating a new object and a new room. Give room an appropriate caption, in the settings tab.

Step 4; Creating and executing the scripts. The scripts enable the player to place stones.

Step 5 drawing the field.


Habgood, J., & Overmars, M. (2006). The Game Maker’s apprentice: Game development for beginners. Apress.

Hayes, E. R., & Games, I. A. (2008). Making Computer Games and Design Thinking A Review of Current Software and Strategies. Games and Culture, 3(3-4), 309-332.