Having read the reviewers’ comments, I was able to approach the assignment with a clear mind of


Having read the reviewers’ comments, I was able to approach the assignment with a clear mind of the changes that were required. I understood that the aim of their comments was to make my instructions clearer and therefore my objective when getting into the assignment was to address all the comments provided by the reviewers. The reviewers of my set of instructions were Joonkyu Sok and Michael Dorsey. I addressed their comments because by doing that, I would also make my instructions more engaging to the readers.

One of the suggestions by the reviewers was that the inclusion of more pictures of the materials for the drywall installation process would be more helpful. I addressed this comment by including the pictures of materials that I considered to be unique to the drywall installation process. Since not all pictures can be included in the instructions, the special materials were preferred over the most common ones such as the measuring tape. Another comment from Joonkyu was that some of the steps provided did not have images to make the instructions clear to the audience. I addressed this issue by adding some images that matched the instructions described at the specific stages. Overall, I ensured that all the suggestions offered by Joonkyu were addressed.

One of the comments provided by Michael was that I needed to use a consistent format when placing images to support the provided instructions. I addressed this by placing the images at the bottom left part of the instructions. Another major suggestion was that I needed to include a definitions part in the paper to make it easier for the readers to understand some of the key terms. I addressed this suggestion by including a section at the end of the instruction to help the reader to comprehend the steps provided clearly. Another comment provided by Michael was that the instructions did not provide detailed information regarding how to use everything for example the electric screwdriver. I was able to address this by providing a summary of steps that people can apply when using an electric screw driver and other tools.

The professors feedback indicated that the frame and approach of the instructions was fine but there were still opportunities for personalization to make them unique and encouraging to the audience. I addressed this by making some changes so that the instructions can address the reader directly. For example where the information states the installer, I made changes to make the instruction specific to the reader.

I chose to address all the comments provided by the reviewers. The only comment I did not address was Michael’s first comment about labeling audience since the comment was not very clear.

I learned that having another person to review my work is very important. This is because I have understood that reviewers can identify weaknesses in the work which I may not be aware of. The feedback provided has helped me identify some of these weaknesses and I will be able to address them in my future writings. I also found the approach of reviewing my peers work to be interesting since I can also help them make improvements in their work. I was also able to learn their writing styles and I was able to learn a few positive things that I can utilize when writing my next assignments.