Having possession of the






Response A

Bing on possession of the Gyges Ring which holds such immense power will enable me to do a variety of things such as I would use the powers in the ring to become invisible and spy on all the wrong doers in the community. I would use the ring to read the minds of the other people thus knowing what they are thinking about and specifically what they thought of me (Wales, pg 210).

If everyone in the world had such a powerful ring then the world will be a worse place that it is today. The reason for that is because some people will not use the powers from the ring properly or for the good of everyone. Some people might use the powers from the ring to try to hurt others and because the other person has the ring also then they will know the motive of the other person and in the long run become enemies (Wales, pg 210).

Response B

Mill might have had the reasons for arriving at such a conclusion which I totally agree. A pig will eat anything that even other animals cannot even dare eat it will even go to extreme ends as far as it gets something to feel the stomach. After a pig is satisfied it will look for the nearest mud pad get in and relax without a care in the world. An unhappy person can do anything as long as it seems good to him regardless of the opinion of the other people; such a person finds consolation in doing things that might seem absurd to the other people. Mill is justified for the comparing the two different lives of a pig and a human being on the grounds of their behavior (Wales, pg 240).

Work cited

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