Harvey B. Gantt Center for African American

Harvey B. Gantt Center for African American






Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Art + culture is situated within the heart of the Uptown at the Levine Center for the Arts. It mainly acts as the gateway into the arts and corresponding cultures for the entire Charlotte location. Gantt Center mainly celebrates the contribution of the African Americans in regard to the nation’s culture. It serves as a fundamental resource to the community within Charlotte for the music, dance, theater, visual and film arts, arts education, literature and community outreach. Moreover, Gantt building is closer to the new Bechtler and corresponding Mint Museums. The facility entails exceedingly elastic space for the corresponding exhibitions, receptions, demonstrations and retail.

Location of Gantt Center on a slim tract of land offer extra challenge in regard to positioning the building above the car and track entrée ramps, which lead to the underlying grade parking Well Fargo Tower. The vibrant subsurface vehicular activity coupled with the embroidered linear proportions of the prevailing site offer massive opportunity for influential architectural responses to the Gantt Center building’s program and physical context. Charlotte’s urban core emanates from historic Brooklyn neighborhood thus displacing the post segregation extension of Central Business District. It takes that design of the Myers School making it to act as a momentous reference guiding ideas of the underlying Gantt Center’s design.

The center also provides wonderful coupled with rich experiences to the visitors. It also acts as debut destination for a lot of cultural, instructive and historical events. Touching of the prevailing exhibits and arts is not normally permitted in the center because of the underlying nature of the displays and art work. The Center’s stairs and corresponding escalators act as the articulation of the underlying central entrance thus connecting the building to historic background and corresponding African American culture. The prevailing portico of the Gantt Center is mainly inspired by African textile design coupled with the African American leaving patterns.