Hardware, Software And Network Components

Hardware, Software And Network Components


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IntroductionBoth the hardware, software and network components are extremely beneficial to every organization. Organizations should have all these components so that they can be able to perform better. This paper tries to analyze the various hardware, software, and network components of enterprise information system architecture.

Hardware components are those components that provide physical interfaces to the computer systems. However, in many cases, these components cannot work well without instructions that can operate them. The instructions used are the software programs. An example of hardware components includes the monitors, the keyboards, the motherboards, the processors and the cd-roms. However, software is also the programs that are run in the computer and operating systems. The program in this case includes the notepad, the Firefox, Ms Word or games. Networks are computers which are connected together to ease communication and sharing of the resources on a network. The common resources are the printers, the databases and the access of other networks, for example, the internet. Some components network includes the printers, the database and the laptops (Hamlet, 2010).

Client/server technology and Web-based technologyClient/Server technology the means by which the functions of the application are separated into two or extra distinct parts. The client then presents as well as manipulating the data on a desktop computer. The Client/server in this case acts like a mainframe of storing and retrieving the protected data. Together each of the machines can execute duties that they are best at. For the last twenty-two years, client/server has evolved to be one of the central IT services as well as, their reputations to commitment, and quality work is paramount towards the success. Client server can also be referred to network architecture in which the systems that interacts with the client or the end users from systems, which manages heavy works (the server), are separated. The network architecture is extremely beneficial in the organization since it allows every machine that is connected to the network to perform tasks that it is better suited at. With the powerful servers that manage the software application as well as, databases which takes care of presentations, and the manipulation of the data to end users?

Web technology in many cases had progressed tremendously from the time when only Hypertext mark-Up Language (HTML) when the web pages were norm, many years ago. However, much of new progress that is being made in an area of the Web technology. Many developments in the markets and other technologies are today based or related to web-enable to an existing application. The Electronic commerce or sometimes known as, the E-commerce is the most fundamental aspects of many business today moreover Web technology is said to be the basic premise where E-commerce works.

Software Components that Support a Business ProcessSoftware is a program that is run in the computer and operating systems. The program in this case includes the notepad, the Firefox, Ms Word or games. There are various software components, which seem to have supported business processes in many past years. Software components can also be elements, which conform to, component models and is independently deployed as well as, composed without the modification according to composition standards.

Software is necessary in an organization in that it supports the processes that are taking place in businesses. Organizations needs to be organized as well as, highly efficient, and tools used to achieve that is by having the business software. Because of the new technology that has come in with more and powerful computers that have rapidly developed in this era, it is supremely true that the use of software in different firms has led to high productivity in the business. The software also makes the companies gain competitive advantage against another since there are some of the software that helps to organize ones expenses, analyzing the sales as well as, corresponding with the customers (Johnson, 2001).

Besides other business tools, there are some tools like the Microsoft Office Word and much business software which are available for the e commerce as well as auction sites merchants. Use of technology has actually led to the increase of high demand in software for most organizations. Many organization now days use a new software in the market such as, Enterprise resource Planning (ERP) which has become a software solution which seeks to integrate in operations as well as, the flow of the information in an organization. In other words, ERP systems help in integrating all the data or information and processes happening in the organization into a system that is unified. ERP Software for business solutions are sometimes designed for the components that work in many areas. It can combine many other elements that are different into a single unit.

ConclusionIn order for organizations, to do well, or performs well in terms of producing high productivity they should make sure that there is different software, which can enable, them to gain the high competitive advantage from other organizations. Organizations should also be able to promote their products online also known as E-commerce which most people say to be business on the internet. The use of technology by people has led to an increase of high demand for software in the organizations. It is clear that many sectors in organizations wish to customize their services, and so they mostly require some development software in for the provision of each organization. Hence, Software in an organization acts as a link between the organization itself, and other external organizations with unique software that acts as a solution to the information and technology companies which requires technical expertise.


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