Handout 2.2 Childhood Role Models

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Handout 2.2: Childhood Role Models

1. Select a person who was most influential in your early years of psychological development. Describe the characteristics and traits of that individual.

Role ModelTraits and Characteristics

My mother Hardworking and never quitting in her farm projects.

Very supportive both physically and mentally.

Self-driven and motivated in her farm business.

Outspoken and very social.


2. Select friends from high school and college and list them below. Describe their characteristics and traits.

Friend 1Traits and Characteristics

John Supportive and the urge to help.

Determined in his studies.


Very accommodative.

Friend 2Traits and Characteristics

Kennedy Introvert.


Very influential in leadership.

Does not tolerate friendship

Friend 3Traits and Characteristics

Liam Risk taker in his businesses.

Tolerant to failure.

Relates well with friends.

He is a goal-getter.

Friend 4Traits and Characteristics

Kevin Less of a risk taker.


Average student and not stressed by his grades.

Does not appreciate friendship.

3. Rate the level of similarity of each friend to the childhood role model. Use the scale 1–10, where “1” is not at all similar and “10” is extremely similar.


Friend 1: 10, Friend 2: 5, Friend 3: 8, Friend 4: 1.

4. Summary of Class Discussion/Point of Assignment:

My relationship with John was at its best since his characteristics were extremely similar to my role model. Kevin was my friend but we did not relate that well since his traits differed from my mother. From this example, role models play a bigger part in determining ones’ psychological upbringing and behavior.