Hallo everyone and welcome to my presentation.

Hallo everyone and welcome to my presentation.

My topic is about water systems with a specific emphasis on addressing the problem of waste water in luxury hotels, highlighting the importance of on-site water treatment systems, and sustainability practices in the hospitality industry.

I begin this presentation by defining wastewater as simply used water including that from homes, businesses, or industries and contains waste elements such as oils, food scraps, chemicals, soaps, and human waste. This topic is an area of interest because sustainability in the modern world calls for people to be mindful of other generations in the future. One way of doing this is ensuring that waste is well managed to reduce pollution and other negative effects. In the hospitality industry, wastewater is a vital resource that should not be thrown away, particularly in a society that is becoming progressively water-stressed.

Then, I move on to discussing wastewater in the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry is dealing with an ever-increasing problem of water scarcity. It is possible for hoteliers to maintain a high level of service and save money while ensuring that their reputations are protected even in a world that is becoming increasingly dry.

On the importance of installing on-site water treatment systems in luxurious hotels, a sustainable water development is recommended. Installing this system will enable the filtration and purification of water that come from their main sources as well as waste water. There are several reasons why installing on-site water treatment is important. One of the reasons is that scale may build up in ice makers, pipework, boilers and fixtures. Additionally, on-site treatment has the capacity of reducing additional expenses.

Regarding sustainable practices and the role of effective water systems in the hospitality sector, facilities management professionals are increasingly confronted with difficulties in recent years as a result of the everyday trash generated by the facilities’ customers. It is suggested that technology be used to save water in luxury hotels. However, there is a counter argument that the downsides of such projects include the need for large initial investments, the need to ensure sufficient¬†maintenance and operation costs for treatment facilities, transportation and collection, and so forth.

That is all from me, I will take any questions on the presentation.