Ms Frida Smith



Dear Ms. Smith

As a competent and highly skilled social worker, I read your advertisement for a new social worker with a lot of zeal and interest. The substantial experience I have obtained through the volunteer programs I have been in, have seen me acquire the experience that align with the qualifications that your organization is seeking. In particular my role as a social worker with Top Recovery facility, made it possible for me to have a proven track record of accomplishments in successfully rehabilitating individuals affected with drug addiction and tracking the progress the patient makes along the recovery journey.

I am passionate about the benefits client-centered counselling brings to individuals trying to recover from addiction. I have an in-depth experience in evaluation of patients and programs, I also understand how to handle referrals and the ongoing treatment session. I have also gained sufficient experience while on the job, which include interpersonal skills and I am committed to helping the substance abuse addicts to break the chains of addiction and to be individuals to be respected in their societies. An example of my achievements include:

I took part in the development and the employing of a recovery perspective. Training of employees in the development of treatment plans that provide for continuous and elaborate care for addiction victims over time. I also made a contribution in the development of enriched counselling sessions and programs that aligned with the goals of the organization.

In addition to my experiences as a social worker, and the personal skills that I possess, I have a firm educational foundation and a passion for the improvement of lives. I am extremely passionate restoring dignity to those that once lost it through drug addiction. I cannot hide my excitement and thrill about HAI recovery facility’s focus on helping individuals break away from the chains of substance addiction

I am so eager to take on my next challenge, with utmost respect I submit my resume for your review. I would like to request a personal appointment to discuss the organization’s goals and how I can assist in achieving them and to discuss how my experience and background meet your needs.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Joan Kate.