Gun Control Policy Outline





Gun Control Policy Outline


Give a brief description of what the gun policy entails

Talk of measure and policies that have tried to be implemented

Thesis statement

Incidents on gun related violence in America

Shooting of President John F Kennedy first brought light on gun availability

There is a link between gun ownership and mass shooting

Gun Control Act of 1968 first policy in trying to curb gun violence

In 1994, the Public Safety and Recreational Firearm Use Act passed a ban on use of military style weapons

There was a decrease in gun related violence

After 2004, the ban expired and civilians were back to accessing military style weapon, America has recorded the highest number of gun related violence in the world

Need for a ban of military style-weapon legislation again.

Data on gun ownership in America and gun related deaths

According to a survey conducted in 2018 by Pew Research Center, approximately 45% of Americans own guns.

In 2017, gun related deaths from homicide cases was at 73%.

Since 1982, there has been more than 110 mass shooting

Explore warrants that show how the data logically is connected to the data

There are loopholes that allows people with prior conviction or mental illness to access guns.

Laws that regulate age limit on gun acquisition are not really strict as people have been able to fake their death

Most law enforcement officers do not report all names of people with prior conviction to gun database hence running a search may not yield any result

Discuss counter-argument.

Crime rate is not increased by gun ownership

Gun control may lead to influx in black market sales of guns

Gun may be used for protection even against gun perpetrators


Gun control is an important step in trying to ensure gun related violence in the United States decrease.

Large availability of guns including assault weapons has made it easier for deranged individuals to carry out attacks.