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Section: Fashion and style celebrities fashion

There are upcoming designs and styles which celebrities especially in music industry and actors make them more attractive and marketable these designs have promoted so many industries which deal with art and design. Many industries have a competitive advantage because of continues introduction of unique and upcoming designs an industry should make a clear analysis of the market it will deal with and then study the trends in that market. For example in the fashion and style design one can focus on celebrities designs. These means the new design will be according to seasons and the kind of art the musicians or actor will perform. These designs as discussed in the magazine ‘digital edition’ have been so rampant and most of the musicians are increasing their popularity by ensuring they are dressed in the newest designs. The beauty desk’ is also another very essential magazine whereby new designs have been critically analyzed; it talks of how these designs have increased the demands for albums whose actors are fashioned dressed. Some of the celebrity’s designs include; sunglasses or shades, these shades are of different types and for different seasons .each season has the best type of shade to be worn. There are also best Cannes dresses of all time; these dresses are suitable especially to walk on red carpets. Mulberry and channel bags are also fashionable bags which most celebrities are interested in.

Section 2: food and beverage:

the trend of food and beverage can be well explained by taking an example of many businesses which are booming in the these places types of foods change as lifestyles change, also traffic becomes poor and most of the women are working in far places from home so the must be ahead of these changes. For example introduction of ready to eat foods, speed and convenience has to be increased in the hotels and also introduction of ready to eat foods. There are also precooked meals which have been introduced in the markets. These precooked meals are going at a very fast rate. All these changes have to be noted by a business so as to be competitive and keep moving. Instant foods have so much increased over time due to the changes in our places of work whereby time has become a very critical aspect to the employers. Precooked foods have also been increased because of the increased number of people who are working far from their homes and others work till late hours and are not able to cook which is a long process. Thailand has been one of the country where by this has been rampantly exercised for many reasons as worsening traffic jams and many people working in far places from their homes. ‘Daily time’s magazine has an article that has explained the beverage and food trends in Thailand. Another article entitled, ‘food and beverage spotting has also expounded on the changes in the world about foods and how important the changes have been. Industry leader’s magazine has also given an example of the best kinds of the upcoming foods in the world these trends have also been encouraged by the health problems which have been experienced in the recent years. Therefore doctors and nutritionists have tried to come up with food and beverage trend patterns that can help curb these problems. The business people have ensured that they learn these trends as said by the doctors so as to be able to capture a bigger percentage of the market demand. The following pictures are example of the foods that have been encouraged by doctors and specialists to good for our health.

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