Fanny and Felix Mendelssohn were in an extraordinarily complex relationship – Copy

Fanny and Felix Mendelssohn were in an extraordinarily complex relationship. The two were very close to one another throughout their lives, and it seems like they had an erotic aspect that linked them to the intimate relationship. The connection between their relationships was more than that of a brother and a sister as the two were very close helping one another in times of need.

Felix was more famous than his sister fanny who remained in shadows. The reason as to why Felix was famous is because he composed all the songs including those of his sister. During their time, women were not allowed to compose songs, and as well they were not allowed to issue their work publicly and therefore to put this in a mask, Fanny had asked her brother Felix to publish the songs on her behalf. With Felix being the composer, he was more exposed to the audience while Fanny was left in shadows as a pianist. The reduced exposure made Fanny less famous than her brother.

During their time, women musicians were not allowed to present their work in public and therefore had to find shade under other men. It was no different for Fanny as she was compelled to give her written works to her brother Felix who would present them on her behalf. With the females being denied the same platforms as men, men were therefore endorsed by the society to present all the music, and this is evidenced by the testimonial by Felix during his presentation at Buckingham Palace that his sister wrote the song that the queen loved.