Falling In Love

Love has many definitions. The names given to love depend on the social level in which the parties are. However, love is termed as having a strong affection for a person or a material item. The level of attachment is mostly high on the opposite sex, where people grow interest in each other gradually. This paper is going to explain at one of the experience I passed through during my time in a relationship.

There is a woman I have been dating for the last four years. I met her at first when we were in college, as I was applying for advancing my education. I admit that I liked her, and I started developing feeling towards her as time went. I kept dreaming on how I would win her and build a very high relationship. The fact that I saw her does not mean that I was in a position to love, but all was out of outside pressures. The fact that i was in a higher institution of learning, and other students were in relationships, I wanted to follow the suite too.

There came one day as I was walking down to my lecture hall, and I saw a woman. I tried to describe her, but beauty is the best term that I would use for her. I approached her, and all I had in me was a little clew that she looked familiar. I was shocked on realizing she was the woman that I met during the admission day. I was so glad since I saw that luck had come my way. As a man, I approached her, and we became very close friends, which later resulted in falling in a relationship. Life became very comfortable with her since we decided as one and acted as one family.

Time went, and our relationship started developing difficulties. At times, we solved but others we decided to let things go by them where we found ourselves back again in real terms. However, of late life seems to be complicated. The level of chaos has moved to a higher level, and we have finally decided to do away with the relationship. I tried to imagine the kind of life I am leading, in the name of relationship, and I did not even wish to have another one.

The most difficult time came when the woman left me, for my best friend in the campus. I felt that I was betrayed to the highest degree. I got deep into stress and depression for the first time, and I found that all that would help me was accepting the situation, and accepting.

I later decided to calm down and try to solve the case. For this time, it was impossible since we were deep apart. Due to the situation that had got me, I decided to carry out research on the effects of relationships. It was quite hard at first to get genuine answers, but I later learned much that helped me in realizing myself, and what made me unable to handle the relationship in a healthy manner. Women are supposed to be treated in a manner that shows respect, and through this, love and respect are harvested back to the man. Relationships are also hard to put up with, but the fact remains that a person will grow to the manner in which the kind of person he meets has become.